Paysera Money Transfer (Online transfers) подсказки сообщества

Paysera has catered to international businesses and individuals since 2004. Anyone with a personal Paysera account can exchange money for free with other Paysera users. For a small fee, you can also send money in 32 different currencies to a recipient’s bank account. Businesses can benefit from Paysera’s streamlined purchasing process, especially when working with international customers.

Maximum transfers. From 30 euros to unlimited, depending on ID level
Transfer methods. Online, mobile app or Paysera checkout
Pick-up method. Between Paysera accounts or bank transfer
Transfer options: Fund your transfer using your debit card, or make a purchase through the Paysera checkout system
Delivery speed: Minutes to three business days
Available currencies: Paysera operates in 32 currencies in 184 countries
Fees. Free transfers between Paysera accounts; up to $4 for most bank transfers but varies by delivery country
Exchange rates. Competitive exchange rates are frequently updated online and through online calculator
Customer service. Call in Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, Poland and Bulgaria; email or online form

Available countries
Paysera operates in 184 countries and 32 currencies.

В. Как купить биткойны через Paysera Money Transfer?

Sending money with Paysera is quick and easy. To initiate your first transfer:

- Register for a free account on Paysera’s website.
- If transferring to another Paysera account, enter your recipient’s email address, phone number and Paysera account number, along with the amount you’d like to transfer. If transferring to a bank account, enter the amount you’d like to transfer and your recipient’s account information.
- Fund your money transfer with your Paysera account or a debit card.
**** When you initiate a transfer between Paysera accounts, funds are available in minutes. For transfers to other accounts, your transfer may take from one to three business days.

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