PayPal My Cash Gift Card (Gift cards) подсказки сообщества

For those seeking to receive payments to their PayPal account, while also managing to avert the plaguing "charge-back" scam; PayPal "My Cash" as a good solution on Paxful.
Buyers are able to visit their local store and purchase a reload pack (with cash) and then provide the seller with a PIN. With the PIN, the Seller would have funds available in their PayPal account immediately; thus expediting the Paxful Bitcoin exchange process, while maintaining and and increasing the anonymity of the P2P transfer; which is much of the essence of Bitcoin.

To see how it works, you check out a simple infographic provided by PayPal here:

В. Как купить биткойны через PayPal My Cash Gift Card?

PayPal My Cash cards can be bought from drug stores everywhere.
Buy it with CASH only and save the receipt.
Upload the Receipt showing it was bought with CASH and put the back of the Card with the code scratched off in the same picture.
Click Payment Complete and wait for the seller to release bitcoins.

В. Как мне добавить подсказки

Если вы хотите добавить подсказку в базу знаний по конкретному способу оплаты, то, пожалуйста, введите свою подсказку по способу оплаты в форму или же в комментарии. Мы добавим ее на страницу способа и укажем ваше авторство. Готовьтесь – ваш профиль и предложения будут проиндексированы множеством поисковых систем.

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