PayPal (Online transfers) подсказки сообщества

If your PayPal account is not verified, almost no traders will sell Bitcoins to you. This is due to the prevalence of fraud.
Be ready to provide to bitcoin sellers ID documents to verify your name, bank/utility statement to verify your billing address, link to social profile to ensure you are real person, write a paper with some text or make a selfie with it so seller could show this to PayPal in case there will be a claim from buyer's side afterwards.

By following this process sellers protect themselves from fraudulent payments and also protect buyers PayPal accounts from an unauthorized use.

Every bitcoins seller for Paypal may have slightly different offer terms, please make sure before starting a trade with seller you agree to their offer terms.

If you are not willing to share personal details then purchasing bitcoins with PayPal is not recommended at all and choose other payment methods like for example Perfect Money, OKPay, bank transfers, remittance services (Western Union, Moneygram) or gift cards.

В. Как купить биткоины через PayPal?

Provide seller with all ID and documents required.
Send money to their paypal email only when escrow is funded and they accept your ID. Send only from VERIFIED PayPal accounts.

В. Как мне добавить подсказки

Если вы хотите добавить подсказку в базу знаний по конкретному способу оплаты, то, пожалуйста, введите свою подсказку по способу оплаты в форму или же в комментарии. Мы добавим ее на страницу способа и укажем ваше авторство. Готовьтесь – ваш профиль и предложения будут проиндексированы множеством поисковых систем.

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