paxful padi Program

Paxful padi Program

Grow your own yard and collect Bitcoin

Paxful mission na financial freedom for all, and our padi program na your way to make am happun. Join us, intoduce crypto to di pipo around you, and collect BTC wey reach 2000 USD abi plenti thru your network.

Wake di Entrepreneur wey dey inside you

To bring pipo come Paxful dey easy and fun. Check out dis rewards wey you fit collect wen you wan helep take crypto go your yard:

paxful padi Program
Bring 7 new pipo
paxful padi Program
Bring 20 new pipo
paxful padi Program
Bring 100 new pipo
Collect 5USD for BTC per pesin wey you bring come
Affiliate Earnings
Priority support
Badge for your online info
Regular Giveaways
Don feature Offer promotion
Increase Your Social Following
Merchandize wey Paxful don brand
Account Manager wey dey dedicate
First try new products & features
Collect 150 USD for BTC everi month

How i wan take become padi?

Submit application, we go look am, if everitin dey gud, you don enta!

paxful padi Program

Be Part of a Family

Our Peers come from all over the world and all walks of life.

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