Buy abi Sell Bitcoin (BTC) for China

Invest for Bitcoin easily and wit beta securiti. Paxful na beta place e go fit buy, sell kam send Bitcoin for wetin pas 300 ways wey you go use pay for Bitcoin plus bank transfer and WeChat Pay!

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  • Bank Transfer
  • WeChat Pay
    Price wey beta pas—Dem fit nid ID
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
    Now now—Dem fit nid ID
  • Litecoin LTC

1. Chus way to take pay for left side

Chus for beta ways to take pay for China. Or fain anoda way take pay for beta ways wey you fit chus unda.

2. Put amount you wan spend

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You fit buy Bitcoin for plenti ways

Wetin be paxful?

Paxful na padi to padi bitcoin market wey dey connect pesin wey dey buy and pesin wey dey sell. Jus chus di way wey you wan take pay and rait how many Bitcoin you wan.

Awa work na to giv pipo wey dey work platform wey simple, no get pasha and get beta securiti for dey sell abi buy dia work value. Plenti taim awa problem wey big pas na sake-of moni, to get-am and to dey move am. We dey put mind to show pipo pawa by to dey build whole world padi to padi payment logistics platform for future. Paxful na PayPal + Uber and pipo Wall Street.

I fit sell Bitcoin for Paxful?

Helep China get Bitcoin and you fit get BIG gain wey go reach 60% on everi wan wey you sell. Begin use your WeChat Pay account take sell or your Chinese bank account nau nau! Luk our free guide. Paxful deh get 1000 of pipo wey dey bull Bitcoin from China evriday.

Mek account kam begin dey sell

Get Passive Revenue

Sabi plenti pipo wey wan buy Bitcoin for China? Wit your Bitcoin Kiosk and Partner program you go get2% for each market forever say you jus share link. Begin now.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin na internet properti and na way for take pay. Paxful dey mek am simple to buy and sell Bitcoin for WeChat Pay, bank transfers and gift cards. Bitcoin don turn valuable properti for awa digital world. You fit reason am as internet kain of gold. Laik gold, Bitcoin price don dey shake and dem dey expect say e go dey grow jejely for Bitcoin price, especially wen e be say economy no strong.

Afta you get Bitcoin finish you fit do anytin wey you laik. You fit chus to hol dem for ya Paxful wallet, sell Bitcoin for US dollars or any oda currency. You fit also sen your Bitcoin go any oda Bitcoin wallet.

Wia you fit spend Bitcoin?

Wan see plenti list of merchant wey dey collect Bitcoin go for

Spend Bitcoin for wetin you laik

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