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How to Buy Bitcoin with Venmo

If you want to purchase Bitcoin but have no other means to send money or are not worried about privacy, Venmo is the perfect mode of payment for you. It's simple to use — you just have to download the app and connect your bank to your Venmo account.

To buy BTC with Venmo, you first need to sign up for a free Bitcoin wallet by clicking the Create account. You’ll also need to verify your identity for us before you can purchase BTC.

After logging in, click Buy Bitcoin and select Venmo as the mode of payment to filter out unrelated offers. We suggest that you review the seller's profile to gauge their trustworthiness by clicking their username to see their trade history and reviews from past trade partners.

Choose an offer you like the most and click Buy to view the trade conditions and start the trade. Be ready to post a selfie holding a valid ID or a screenshot of your Venmo account when asked by the seller. Your money is protected at this stage by Paxful’s escrow where the seller’s Bitcoin is temporarily held until the trade is completed or cancelled.

Click Mark as Paid as soon as you transfer the money from your Venmo account and wait for the seller to release your Bitcoin from escrow into your Paxful wallet. And that's it! Money from your Venmo account is now Bitcoin.

If you have feedback about our marketplace or want to raise a dispute, feel free to contact our customer support team. We're online anytime, any day of the week to help you with your concerns.