Rules wey dey guide AML

Paxful, Inc. and Paxful USA, Inc. (one on one and togeda, di "Compani"), incorporated unda di laws of di State of Delaware dey give services thru platform wey dey enable intanet padi-to-padi("P2P") for di buy and sell of digital assets.

Di compani don regista as Moni Services Business with di United States Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN"). Paxful's Anti Moni laundering ("AML") rules wey dey guide and procedures wey dem design to comot bad tins wey dem don do ontop di platform, to protect pipo wey dey use am, di business, and di digital kain moni and Financial services communities from bad pipo wey wan exploit dem. Di compani dey in line with di nids of di Bank Secrecy Act and related FinCEN regulations and guidance.

As part of rules wey dey guide paxful compliance, rules wey dey guide sabi your customer ("KYC") and procedures for one pesin and institutional customa don design to enable di compani to form belief wey dey reasonable say e truly sabi dose of e customas wey dem don do review for. Di rules wey dey guide dey for all di pipo wey dey ontop dis platform and e dey guide all di pipo wey dey work for di compani, consultants, officers, owners and directors.

We wan use risk based approach as part of di SABI YOUR CUSTOMER & AML compliance, Paxful don take di measures wey follow:

  • Appointment of Chief Compliance Officer who don get di sufficient level of expertise and independence, get responsibility for di oversight of compliance with di legislation wey dey relevant, regulations, rules and di guidance of di industri;
  • To establish and to maintain risk based Sabi Your Customer, Customer Due Diligence (CDD), and rules wey dey guide Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD);
  • Establish risk-based levels for confamation of di pipo wey dey di compani(refer todisBlog post);
  • Cooperate with wetin di law enforcement want and wetin local regulatory nid;
  • To dey file Report of tins wey dem do wey you dey suspect("SARs");
  • Compani-wide BSA/AML/OFAC training;
  • To dey use plenti anti-fraud systems;
  • Ongoing rule based wey dey monitor wetin you dey buy abi sell;
  • To dey use blockchain analytics take wan sabi wetin dey happun;

We dey file SARs if we sabi, suspect abi get reason to suspect say tins wey dey happun wey no gud wey dey occur for our platform. if wetin one don buy abi sell dey suspicious wen wetin one dey do no follow with wetin we sabi as di pesin legitimate business, im pesinal tins wey e dey do abi im pesinal way. Our chief Compliance Officer go review and check wetin dey happun for di suspicious tin wey im dey do to sabi if enuf info don dey ground to take justify to filie of one SAR. Our Chief Compliance officer go kip record and documentation wey support all di SAR wey dem don file.

Di compani don take ongoing rules wey dey guide OFAC warning and procedure wey dem design to protect di platform make dem no use am buy abi selll wey dem don prohibit, by warning di pipo abi for di purpose say im wan evade, avoid abi odawise circumvent U.S and warnings for di full world.

Paxful dey cooperate fully with all OFAC, Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and pipo wey dey warning list wey dem don block. Abeg check wetin follow link for di compani's list of di countris wey dey risk-based wey dem don ban wey dem no let use Paxful's platform.

Wia paxful don give you translation of di English Language side of dis rules wey dey guide, den you gree say di translation na only for your own convenience and dat di English language part of di rules wey dey guide go govern di way you dey follow paxful relate. If any contradiction dey between wetin di English language side of d rules wey dey guide tok and wetin di translation tok, den na di English language side go take over.