E-Commerce for everyone

2.5 billion new underbanked customers with one line of code.

Copy and paste one line of code.

A button you can put on any shopping cart or app that lets buyers pay without bank accounts or credit cards.
Customers are able to pay now with gift cards, cash deposits and online wallets

Why Paxful?

You're in control

Customers won't need to leave your page and you can customize the look and feel.

Automatic Deposits

Payment is converted to bitcoin which is sent to your bitcoin payment processor who converts it to cash for you.

300+ ways to pay

Over 300 payment options and every major currency accepted.

No merchant fees!

Merchants pay 0% on all sales. We take our cut from our vendors..

A huge new market

Get access to the 2.5 billion underbanked people in the world.

No Chargebacks

Our vendors protect merchants from any risk.

Super easy install

As simple as getting a link and putting it on your site in a few minutes.

Secure and Trusted

Use a secure token to protect your users from phishers. Check dev docs.

Radical support

Our CTO will be there to help you get this up, latte in hand.

What your users see


Create a secure Paxful account

Creating a Paxful account is as easy as typing your email and a password. You may secure your account withh

  • 2FA via SMS
  • 2FA via Google Authenticator
  • 2FA via Authy

Watch the sales pile up

Your sales are trackable via your merchant dashboard.

Payment options

Few of the payment options Paxful provides


More than 300 payment options

Your customers can pay using any payment option our vendors accept. Our vendors convert customer payments to bitcoin which your bitcoin payment processor converts to cash to your bank account. Payment options are divided into 4 main groups

Gift cards

Amazon, OneVanilla, Target, Walmart and other major brands.

Cash deposits

Western Union, Moneygram, Bank of America and cash deposits to other banks.

Online wallets

Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Serve to Serve transfer and other major online wallets.

Debit/credit cards

Any debit/credit cards are used by our vendors own payment processors.

Win, win, win

Your buyers have the option of paying anyway they can without the risk of a bank card. Win!

Paxful vendors convert all forms of payment to bitcoin. They charge a margin for this service and also provide live chat support. Win!

You, the merchant can now accept every form of payment on earth and get paid with zero chargeback risk. Win!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How secure is it?

The Pay with Paxful button uses our secure escrow system and battle tested platform. Your buyers are safe.

You as a merchant are safe as Paxful uses a secure token system to prevent phising and protect buyers and the merchant. To enable automatic sendouts to your bitcoin address you must use our secure token system. Please refer to our developer page.

Your earnings go straight to you via your bitcoin payment processor.

Q. How easy is this to use really?

A single link is all you need. You get your merchant link when you register above. It can be customized and will launch an iframe or a new window where customer will pay for your items or service using any of 300 payment options. You will get bitcoin straight to your bitcoin payment processor or wallet address.

Q. How much can I hope to earn and how do I know?

How much you can earn depends on how much traffic you get and stuff you sell.

Every time a sale completes successfully you will get an email and you will see your balance rise on the Paxful dashboard.

Q. How much control do I have? Do my visitors ever leave my site?

Your visitors never leave your website. If you choose to use a link then the Paxful window opens up as an iframe in all browsers excpect Chrome which opens up as a new window. You will also be able to embed it as an iframe right into pages. They will not think they have left your site as there will be no indication that they are using another service.

Q. How flexible is it?

You will be able to customize the look and feel to match your site or app. Text color, background color, logo and so on.

Q. Can I customize the look and feel?

You have total control over the link or button that launches the Paxful widget. We will be introducing online customization tools going forward to give you even more control.

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