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buy limits
500 USD
581 USD
seller rate
11,583.69  USD
Time limit question
30 min

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I AM Institutional Trader, trade with confidence! this for chase

❌⛔️YOU MUST BE FROM THE USA. Other country use:

⚠️ Dear Scammers, please don't waste your and my time. I will not release BTC until funds are CLEARED in my bank account, so all your schemes are pointless exercise.

⭐️you can do a wire transfer in person by physically going into the bank or doing it online. All banks do wire transfers, you just have to ask them how, do not ask me to try another payment method, I only accept wire transfers.

WIRE TRANSFER HOW TO verification and PAY

⭐️1. Front/back of your ID card( DRIVER LICENSE )and selfie with id on your hands*** *** *** *** (➤3 pictures➤)

⭐️2. Take a piece of paper and on it write “Your USERNAME buying BITCOIN on PAXFUL from Smallybtc and 00/00/0000(todays date) .I am the owner of the account ____(YOUR ID NAME goes here) and I am useing Cash Deposit ($ amount) to (I WILL GIVE NAME)This payment can not be reversed and it is not refundable. I ensure that the information submitted is authentic and effective, the source of funds is legitimate, and it will not be used for illegal purposes. I bear legal responsibility for my actions. * ➤ YOUR ID PUT ON IT ➤ *** *** *** *** (➤1 pictures➤)

⭐️3. Put the cash and paper together photo *** *** *** (➤1 pictures➤)

⭐️4. Submit all 5 photos and I will give you the info to send the payment.

⭐️5. I only release the bitcoin once the payment through the wire transfer landed in my account.

❌⛔️WARNING: Mark the transaction as Paid, ONLY AFTER you sent the payment. If you mark transaction just after the order and dont plan to pay you will be reported to the site admin and your account might get banned or restricted.

❌⛔️Scammers, DO NOTplay tricks here.I AM Institutional Trader You will be reported to PAXFUL immeiately.You will be banned permanently by PAXFUL.I will take further actions against fraudulent activities , your rogue actions or dirty words!

☢FRAUD☢ attempts will be reported to:
☢ (FBI)

Pursuant to the regulations at 23 NYCRR 200, enforcing the requirement of a virtual currency license (BitLicense), we are temporarily unable to sell digital currency to residents of the State of New York. We apologize for any inconvenience the may cause.
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