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Cash In Las Vegas NV

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Vendor does not have enough bitcoins to fund the escrow for this offer

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Minimum is 1 USD
Maximum trade 300 USD
It costs you $1.01 for each dollar
Rate 2487.87 USD per bitcoin (you can buy any fraction of bitcoin)

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  • no id neededNo Identification is required for this trade.
  • no receipt neededNo receipt is required for this trade.

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Offer terms by HoneyPot Community tips

No Gift/Credit Cards.


usually around 9am-9pm

When you start the Trade Tell Me what time you can be at Starbucks
and Your Zip code.
I might not respond quickly the first time.

7050 S. Durango Dr.
Las Vegas NV 89113

when you are close to or get to sbux send me a message.
I'm not at sbux but nearby.

by EOS Gym on Arby rd
Between Sunset and Warm Springs.
NOT inside Vons

This is a one time Offer.
After our first trade, you will gain access to other offers.

this ad is somewhat of a filter.
Scammers, and time wasters make new accounts.
Makes it hard for us to allow trading with real new users.
Your first trade may be the hardest since some people have filters set to require you to have a few trades.
It helps to verify your email and phone.

new users some times have a hard time navigating the site, or knowing what is going on.
ask me anything and ill try to help.

most Common Requests end up needing one of the following links.
Amazon Gift cards

One Vanilla


Biggest thing is decide on a payment method, then pick it.
Then find a reputable trader that is on and ready to trade with you.
Make sure the Ad Has a Flag That Matches YOUR country's Flag. or it has no flag.

when you open a trade, it reserves some of our bitcoins, reducing the amount available for others to trade.

Do NOT let this trade go for 30 min and auto expire

you can continue to chat after you hit cancel.

use the cancel button to un-lock my coins

if you mark paid without handing me cash, and I have to contact support to regain control of my coins you will be blocked by me, posted on the wall of shame, and probably blocked by others, making it harder for you to get a good price.

if you are in vegas i can trade with you.
otherwise you need to pick a different method of payment

this site is for trades only.
it is not for lending.
If you would like a loan, you'll need to verify your ID and Address on one of the following
BTCJam (Outside USA)

No credit check but it improves your interest rate to have a good online profile.

No Gift/Credit Cards.

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The buyer of bitcoin has a time limit of 30 minutes to pay for the bitcoin before the trade is cancelled by the system. Trade won't auto-cancel when buyer has marked trade as paid. After that buyer has to wait for seller to release bitcoins.

Secure Escrow

Our escrow system protects you by holding the sellers bitcoins in escrow. When payment is completed the bitcoins are released to your wallet.

Instant Use

Once you have bitcoins using them is instant. You can send them or spend them with no delays.

Chat Support

When you start a trade you will be speaking with a vendor via live chat. Read their instructions and ask them questions. Many will be happy to walk you through.