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100 USD
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12,881.13  USD
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30 min

Offer terms by owner Bestbuy0097

Seen 1 week ago

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***********Do not accept more than 100 Denomination***********
********Do not send any cards,before talk about good deals.If the upload does not contact me, I will not take any responsibility.********
This offer is iTunes Gift Card ONLY. Not Apple Music Card
1.Tell me card face value . such as :50$-100$ - 200$
2.Upload clearly picture. Complete picture. card must show the amount
3.Physical card olny. not E- code picture or Code.
4.Waiting for me to check your card, and then give you to release bitcoin
5. i only need 50$ -100$ face value . Can not accept $201-$500 Denomination me first before you upload the pictures,till i can accept your offer. If upload without contact me first, i will not afford any responsible to it .
7.Apple Itunes gift card codes are started with "X" (total 16 digit numbers).
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOTE: Each card should be less than $201and send me clear pics of physical
8.Only need dollars! Can not load the iTunse gift card that is not the dollar!
If the card has been redeemed, you are controversial. You need to provide invoices and redemption details date and time within 48 hours

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