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All products are IN STOCK. I am not liable for coin holding if you start trade with me now. I will be MIA until I update stock.

0. If we have never traded, you must open a trade for $25 first. This will be fine if you're looking for a different value, not a $25.

For example, say you were looking for a $35. For higher values, I will have a $25, $15 and a $35 listed for sale. Just buy the $25, then buy a $15. The totals charge you were going to pay for a $25 and a $15 together vs separate are the same. Because if you were to just go and buy the $35, I would've just sent you a $25 and $15 regardless. I just want smooth trades.

1. I am selling Physical Amazon Gift Cards.

2. I may send you multiple cards that total to the value requested.

3. These are authentic, not fake.

4.These are not carded, so you do not have to worry about using them instantly or worry about charge backs.

5.These are 100% working. If I have the receipt, I can provide it for you; however, if not, then I cannot provide the receipt.

6. If you would like specific value amounts, let me know and I will see if i can provide (there will be a 5% upcharge for the special values).

I am looking for long term buyers. Not scammers. I have 0 feedback score, so it may seem risky. But I am in it for good business.

I do allow for cancellations if i have not sent you the card. However, if I have, you must release.

Thanks, and never forget the feedback, I´m really appreciate it.



1. I will provide PICS of the receipt (if available) and Code of card

2. Once payment is uploaded and you have the code, Bitcoins must be released.

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