Buy bitcoin with MyVanilla Prepaid Card for USD — Registered unregistered

Paxful fee
buy limits
10 USD
25 USD
seller rate
19,204.94  USD
Time limit question
30 min

Offer terms by owner Johndop6

Seen 3 hours ago

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If you got more blocks then trust don’t opening this order.

Say hi then wait for my response don’t send nothing until I say so. The card must be yours, any charge back you will be reported.
No scammer
No coin locker
No mark as paid( only time when you post mark as paid when you the transaction completele.

Don’t upload no picture until I said so, if you upload any thing without my Permission the trade automatically cancel, you be block and report. I Also don’t want to trade with no more after that.


If your card registered Give me the username and password to the card so I know the card is good. After I check out everything ok then I will ask you to upload the card picture front and back. I’m ready to next to the card so I know it your card

Unregistered card

I need the receipt for the card must be clear picture receipt, the receipt only must have the card Purchases I don’t want no whole shopping list full of stuff I don’t got time to be looking. I need full size so o can read the receipt, I also do imagine search so I know you didn’t grab from the internet. If the Receipt don’t look right I have the right to cancel the trade.

After everything check out I’m going to ask for the package of the card if don’t got the package no trade. The package must must the receipt. Need clear picture so I can read just need the back of the package (NOT THE CARD) if you send me a picture of the card I got I got right to cancel the trade.

After everything check out upload the front and back clear picture, the sticker must come off the card. If you upload the picture of the card if the sticker still on there I got the right to cancel the trade.

If I can’t registered the card the trade cance

If you mark this paid without me finish Purchasing my items, this trade will be cancel

If you mark anything paid without the money in my account you will be block and report.
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