Attention New York State Residents.

Because of new legislation, the NY Bitlicense, Paxful can not serve New York State Residents

Are you a New York State Resident?

Please withdraw all funds from your wallet if you are a New York State Resident


Q. Can I still access the funds in my wallet?

Yes. Click the button above and withdraw your funds from your paxful wallet.

Q. Can I still buy Bitcoin from here?

If you are not a NY resident then you are welcome to use our site and service.

Q. Where should I get my Bitcoin now?

We recommend Celery, Circle and Coinbase. While there is a 4-6 day delay and they require you to link your bank account and upload id they all have excellent prices.

Q. What is BitLicense?

The New York State Bitlicense can be read in full detail here.

Q. Why do you have to stop serving NY?

We respect and comply with all federal and state legislation. We cannot apply for a Bitlicense at this time so we must cease serving NY residents.

Q. How can I help?

Education is the answer. Bitcoin has gotten to where it is because of the amazing grass roots effort to educate the people about why Bitcoin is good and how to use it. First Learn about Bitcoin yourself and then spread your enthusiams and knowledge around. The world will follow.