Cash Deposit to Bank (Cash) samfunnstips

Looking to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with cash? Cash deposits might be your answer and it only takes three steps for you to do it!

1. Create an account on Paxful
If you haven’t created a Paxful account yet, it’s super simple and you even get a free Bitcoin wallet when you’re done!

2. Look for an offer
After creating your account, go back to this page to see the list of BTC vendors accepting cash deposit payments. Before you pick a vendor, make sure that you carefully analyze each detail such as the dictated price, seller reputation, offer tags, etc. Once you’ve picked a vendor, click “Buy” to see their requirements. Sellers usually require you to take a photo of your ID, make payment within 2 hours, and send a copy of the transaction slip. If the vendor’s terms are agreeable, input how much BTC you want to buy, then click “Buy now”.

3. Trade!
You should receive a detailed set of instructions once the trade starts. Make sure that you follow these instructions carefully. Once you’ve sent in your payment, mark it as “Paid” so that the trade doesn’t expire on you. Give your trade partner a few moments to verify your payment and release the BTC from escrow into your Paxful wallet to complete the trade.

Yup, it’s that easy. So, what’re you waiting for? Get your hands on some BTC today and enjoy the benefits of being financially free!

Spm. Hvordan kjøper jeg bitcoin med Cash Deposit to Bank ?

Deposit cash money to the teller and give them the bank account and info and name provided by the seller. There is NO NEED TO MENTION BITCOIN. Once you have the receipt scan it and upload it to the trade chat and then click "PAID" and wait for the funds to be released.

Spm. Hvordan kan jeg legge til råd og tips?

Hvis du ønsker å bidra til kunnskapsbasen for en betalingsmåte, kan du skrive inn eventuelle råd du har for betalingsmåten i skjemaet eller kommentarfeltet. Vi vil legge den til på siden for den metoden og gi deg æren med brukernavnet ditt. Du kan forvente at profilen og tilbudene dine fanges opp av mange søkemotorer.

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