Payoneer (Online wallets) lietotāju ieteikumi

Payoneer is an American financial services company that offers money transfer and other digital payment services such as cross-border payments, working capital, risk management, and tax solutions in over 200 countries worldwide. While you can make fast, flexible, and secure payments on the platform, you can also buy Bitcoin on Paxful with Payoneer.

Getting started with crypto is easy. Here’s what you need to do to purchase BTC with Payoneer.

1. Sign in to Paxful
Log in to your account or sign up if you don’t have one yet. After registering, you will instantly receive your free Bitcoin wallet.

2. Browse through the list of offers
Go to your account and click "Buy Bitcoin". Select "Payoneer" as your payment method, enter the BTC amount you want to buy, choose the currency you prefer, and click "Find Offers". Browse through the available Bitcoin vendors and select the one with an offer that best suits your needs.

3. Review offer terms
Go through the offer’s information, including the seller’s terms. This will help you know if you meet the requirements set by the seller before starting the trade. Some sellers require a screenshot of your Payoneer dashboard, receipts, photo IDs, and other forms of verification.

4. Begin the trade
If you agree with the seller’s terms, click "Buy" on the offer listing. Once you’re redirected to the offer page, enter the BTC amount you want to buy, then click "Buy now". This will open a live trade chat where you can directly communicate with the seller.

5. Receive your Bitcoin
Follow the instructions provided by the seller. Once your payment has been confirmed, the seller will release the BTC directly to your Paxful Wallet. This will only take a few minutes.

That’s it! You just bought BTC almost instantly with your Payoneer account. You may also explore our knowledge base page to learn more about the account verification process and contact our customer support team if you encounter any problems with our service.

J. Kā es varu nopirkt Bitcoin ar Payoneer?

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J. Kā es varu pievienot savus padomus un ieteikumus?

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