MyVanilla Prepaid Card (Debit/credit cards) lietotāju ieteikumi

MyVanilla is a reloadable prepaid card service that gives you the flexibility to spend all over the world. It allows you to add funds easily to your account, deposit money directly, and access your funds at millions of ATMs worldwide. Additionally, it’s a convenient way to buy Bitcoin (BTC).

Looking to buy BTC? All you have to do is follow these three steps:

1. Sign in to your Paxful account
If you haven’t created one yet, it’s super easy and you get a complimentary Bitcoin wallet in the process!

2. Look for an offer
Select MyVanilla Prepaid Card as your payment option, input how much BTC you want to buy, then click “Find Offers”. You’ll be taken to the offers page, where you can see all the offers available to you. Remember that each vendor will have different requirements, so make sure that you read them carefully. Vendors will often require you to use physical cards, so make sure that you have a photo of the store receipt and of the card itself.

After picking the one you like, click” Buy”. You’ll then be directed to the individual offer page where you find a quick overview of the offer. When you’re ready to start the trade, input how much BTC you want to buy then click “Buy now”.

3. Pay your trade partner
Once the trade starts, you’ll be sent a detailed set of instructions on how to pay, so make sure you follow these while paying. Additionally, make sure that you only communicate through the trade chat window.

After sending in your payment, be sure to mark the trade as “Paid” so that it doesn’t expire. Next, give your trade partner a few minutes to verify the payment. Once verified, they will release the Bitcoin into your wallet and the trade is complete.

J. Kā es varu nopirkt Bitcoin ar MyVanilla Prepaid Card?

MyVanilla Prepaid debit card

J. Kā es varu pievienot savus padomus un ieteikumus?

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