Google Pay (Online wallets) obukodyo bw`ekitundu

Google Pay is a secure and reliable digital wallet that you can use for online shopping and remittances. This online payment platform boasts a 60 million+ user base and is widely supported by major banks, retail outlets, and even Bitcoin vendors on Paxful.

Paxful allows peer-to-peer trading as opposed to traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that under the protection of our escrow system, you'll be purchasing Bitcoin from sellers around the world. What's the advantage? You can purchase Bitcoin below the current market value without having to pay any fees.

To exchange your money from Google Pay to Bitcoin, you first need to sign in to your Paxful account or sign up for a new one. Once you get past the mandatory verification process, click "Buy Bitcoin" and select Google Pay as your preferred payment method.

Look through the list of available offers and pick one from a reputable seller. Click "Buy" to read their trade requirements. While this varies with each vendor, almost all require you to use your own verified Google Pay account and post a selfie holding your ID. Read the instructions carefully and click the "Buy now" button to begin the trade.

In the live chat box that appears, ask the seller any questions you have before sending them the payment. Click "Paid" once you’ve made the payment so that they can verify it on their end and release your Bitcoin from our secure escrow to your Paxful wallet.

Simple, isn't it? So what are you waiting for? Use Google Pay to purchase Bitcoin today.

Q.Ngula ntya Bitcoin nga ne Google Pay ?

Tewali bukodyo bwaweereddwayo. Kebera wammanga ekivuganyo ky`abatunzi abamu. Bw`oba olinayo amagezi gonna, weereza foomu eri wammanga oba lekawo ky`okyogerako naffe tujja kukakasa nti tukigattako wano.

Q. Ngattako ntya obuwabuzi bwange n`obukodyo

Bw`oba oyagala okuwa amagezi ku ngeri y`okusasula olwo mwattu wandiika amagezi gonnna g`olina ku ngeri y`okusasula mu foomu oba awateekebwa ky`olowooza. Tujja kukigatta ku muko gw`enkola era tukusiime mu butongole n`erinnya ly`okozesa. Suubira okulaba ebikukwatako n`ebivuganyo ebiteereddwa ku mikutu gy`okunoonya egy`enjawulo.

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