Paxful Peer Program

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Peers are a new wave of entrepreneurs committed to supporting and defending the Paxful platform in a variety of ways. They are passionate challengers and dedicated to expanding financial freedom through building Paxful communities across the globe.

Join as a Peer and lead your bitcoin community

Level 1


As a Peer, you will embark on your journey by easing our users' experience on Paxful, and spreading the word of our platform to as many crypto enthusiasts as possible.


Paxful swag Paxful goodies for you and those you bring onboard.
VIP support Direct contact with Paxful moderators to get your queries resolved swiftly.
Peer badge Peer badge on your Paxful profile to show off your Peer creds.
Invitation to Paxful events Invitation to all Paxful events in your region.
Affiliate program earnings Earn commissions every time an affiliate buys bitcoin.
$5 for every new referral $5 for you and every fully KYC-ed user you bring onboard, when they complete their first trade.
To maintain your Peer status
  • Online group moderation
  • 1 #PaxfulPeer Social Media post per week
  • Sign up 7 new Paxful users*
To become an Ambassador
  • Online group moderation
  • Passing the Peer test
  • #PaxfulPeer Social Media posts 5 time per week
  • Sign up 21 new Paxful users*
  • Weekly feedback about Paxful platform
* Fully KYC verified and after 1 successful trade

Level 2


Ambassadors create quality content regularly and bring in new users through organizing successful meetups. In order to be promoted to be an Associate, you will have to bring at least 1 Peer to the program along with other requirements.


Peer Benefits Ambassadors will keep all of their Peer level benefits
Ambassador Swag Get swagged up with Paxful’s goodies specially made for Ambassadors
Ambassador Badge New Ambassador badge on your Paxful profile to attract traders
Bonus for meetups We will provide a subsidy up to $500 USD for each meetup
$5 for every new referral $5 for you and $5 for every fully KYC-ed user you bring onboard when they complete their first trade
Additional bonuses We care more about quality than quantity. Earn extra bonuses for high quality content and successful meetups
To Maintain your Ambassador Status
  • Organize 1 successful meetup
  • 5 #PaxfulPeer Social Media posts per week
  • 1 Social Media Campaign per month
  • Weekly feedback on the Paxful platform or new features
  • Moderate online groups
To become an Associate
  • Sign up 99 Affiliates (Fully KYC-ed, min. 1 Trade, affiliates will also get $5)
  • Organize 3 successful meetups
  • Create quality content (Paxful will decide the quality of the content)
  • Bring 1 Peer to the program

Level 3


Associate is the highest rank of the Program. As an Associate, you are an experienced mentor and expert of the Paxful platform. Depending on the career path you choose, you’ll receive a different badge on your profile. Besides training and bringing on new Peers, you’ll focus on honing skills for your individual career path within Paxful. If you’re really lucky and hardworking, there’s a chance you can even become a Paxful employee!


Ambassador benefits Associates will keep all of their Ambassador level benefits
Monthly compensation Monthly payments of $150 USD in BTC
Chance to visit one of the Paxful Offices To meet the energetic Paxful team and experience life at Paxful
Chance to join the Paxful team Upon availability of open positions and your performance as an Associate, we may offer you a full-time position at Paxful
Chance to follow different paths and receive different badges a. Professor: Trains other Peers b. Consular: Networks with Peers and grows the number of Peers c. Sentinel: Documents your expertise in creative ways and transforms user feedback into new product features d. Guardian: Defends the Paxful platform with your highly tech-savvy skills
To Maintain your Associate status Maintain your Peer and Ambassador community
  • Professor: Train existing Peers and scouts new Peers
  • Consular: Bring on 1 new Peer per month
  • Sentinel: Create 1 Youtube video per month (min. 100 views)
  • Guardian: Defend the Paxful platform against hackers and attacks

We have all the tools you need

The Paxful Peer Program provides you with the tools needed to manage your community of entrepreneurs through our Affiliate dashboard. You will also get:

  • Your personal affiliate link to share via email or social media
  • Statistics for the users you have brought onboard
  • Overview of users based on their ID verification status
  • Ability to track affiliate links and identify successful campaigns
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Our Peers around the world

We are building a global community to make bitcoin available for everyone.

Our goal is to have Peers span across the globe, raising the awareness of financial freedom bitcoin can bring to everybody. The coverage map above identifies where action is currently being taken - apply today to lead your own community!

A few words about the Peer Program from our current Peers.

How can I join the Paxful Peer Program?

1. Apply to be selected as a Paxful Peer

Fill out the application form with any required information. If you don't have a Paxful account yet, we suggest creating one before applying for the Peer Program. Apply now!

2. We'll review your application

If we think you're a good fit for the Program, we'll contact you within 10 days of your application to schedule a video interview. Note that we'll only get in touch with successful applicants.

3. Video interview and confirmation

Once we get to know you over the video interview, we'll go over the details of the Program and get you started as a Peer. This is when you'll begin to receive training and swag from us to kickstart your journey as a leader. Apply now!