Jason's Deli Gift Cards (Gift cards) 커뮤니티 팁

Jason’s Deli is one of the most popular fast-food chain in the United States. You can redeem the gift card for any Deli’s delicacy in their restaurants.

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Q. Jason's Deli Gift Cards 결제로 비트코인을 어떻게 구매하나요?

1) Before receiving gift card numbers to verify, you must upload a photo of the front of your drivers ID or state ID. You only have to do this for the first transaction and not required for egift card orders. The address on your ID is where the gift cards need to be mailed to help avoid fake addresses and to avoid fraudulent complaints from shady buyers who live out of this country or simply want free gift cards via bogus complaints. I hope you understand.

2) These gift cards should never go bad by the people who traded them in, but please contact me in our previous chat window if your gift card is compromised or used without your knowledge. You have ten days (including weekends) from the date of your purchase to notify me if your card was compromised. This leaves plenty of time for you to use your card after you receive it in the mail. After 10 days, you are on your own. I will need 24 hours to investigate to help avoid fraud from shady gift card buyers. I hope you understand.

3) Once you open trade, you have 1 hour to verify each balance on each gift card. You will be provided with the web link to verify the balance. Once you verify the balance, I will list the trade as “Paid”, and you are expected to release funds immediately after.

4) Your gift cards will be mailed to you the next business (non-holiday or weather emergency) morning via USPS. If you are paying for 10 gift cards at $25 on each card, I will mail them First Class mail with tracking. You will receive the tracking number in the same chat window we used to complete the order. You can pull up your completed trade by moving your mouse over your “user name and image” in the top right corner and then scroll down and click on “COMPLETED TRADES”. If you spend for more than 10 gift cards than I will mail your gift cards Priority Mail via USPS. If you need your cards shipped faster for any amount of gift cards, please let me know and maybe we can work something out.

Please have patients with newly open trades as many trades will be open for me all at the same time, but I will get to you asap no worries. Please make sure you leave a positive feedback, and I will do the same for you. Take care and happy trading!

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