Paytm Online Wallet (Online wallets) ndụmọdụ obodo

Paytm is an application that allows Indian users to store funds on a digital wallet, giving them the opportunity to shop online for apparel, electronics, groceries, and many other things. Not only that, with a Paytm account, Indians have the opportunity to watch their money grow by buying Bitcoin (BTC) on Paxful.

To purchase BTC with Paytm online wallet, create a Paxful account (or sign in if you already have one) and head over to the “Buy Bitcoin” page. Select Paytm online wallet, and click “Find Offers”.

At that point, you should see a list of popular offers near you. Carefully look at the details of each offer and choose the best offer for you. If you want to know more about an offer, you can click on the “Buy” button to see the vendor’s terms and requirements. Vendors don’t allow the use of third-party accounts and will often ask you to not write any payment remarks on Paytm. Some vendors cater only to locals so be sure to disclose your nationality asap.

Once you see one you like, input the amount of BTC you want to buy and then click the “Buy now” button.

Once the trade starts, the vendor should send you instructions on how to settle the payment. Make sure that you follow these instructions carefully and keep your receipt handy. After you’ve sent the payment, mark the trade as paid by clicking the “Paid” button.

Next, the vendor has to verify the transaction. Once done, the vendor will release the BTC from our escrow system into your Bitcoin wallet.

Congratulations, you’ve just bought BTC on Paxful using your Paytm online wallet! Feel free to explore our other payment methods to find out which one works best for you.

Q. Kedụ ka m ga-esi zụta Bitcoin na Paytm Online Wallet ?

Enweghị ndụmọdụ enyerela. Lelee ebumnobi orire na ọzụzụ ahịa ụfọdụ ndị òreè n'okpuru. Ọbụrụ na ị nwere ndụmọdụ ọbụla were ya nyefee na fọm dị n'okpuru maọbụ hapụ ederede ma anyị ga-agba mbọ itinye ya ebe a.

Q. Kedu ka m ga - esi tinye ndụmọdụ na atụmatụ

Ọ bụrụ n'ịchọrọ itinye aka na ihe ọmụma maka usoro ọkwụkwụụgwọ ngwa biko dee ndụmọdụ ọbụla ị nwere maka usoro ọkwụkwụụgwọ na akwụkwọ maọbụ okwuọnụ. Anyị ga-agbakwunye ya na ibe maka usoro ahụ ma jiri aha njirimara gị nye gị otuto. Na-atụ anya ịhụ profaịlụ gị na ebumnobi orire na ọzụzụ ahịa ọtụtụ nchọcha njini nwetara.

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