Tap & Go (Online transfers) community tips

Tap & Go is now connected to the Faster Payment System (FPS) launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. With FPS, you can top up instantly and make cross-platform P2P transfers in HKD or RMB between bank accounts or mobile wallet accounts* anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is register your mobile number or email address and set your Tap & Go account as default wallet to enjoy a seamless money transfer experience!

Q. How do I buy bitcoin with Tap & Go ?

Select "PayBuddy" > "Remote transfer service"

Q. How can I add my advice and tips

If you would like to contribute to the knowledge base for a payment method then please type any advice you have for the payment method in the form or comments. We will add it to the page for the method and credit you by your username. Expect to see your profile and offers captured by many search engines.

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