Wise (TransferWise) (Online wallets) muhimman bayanan al'umma

Wise, formerly known as Transferwise, is an online financial service specializing in money transfers and a free multi-currency wallet. The London-based company supports over 750 currencies and provides multi-currency accounts to over 8 million users in more than 80 countries worldwide.

On Paxful, you can convert your funds in Wise to Bitcoin by following these five easy steps.

1. Sign in to Paxful
Log in to your Paxful account. If you don’t have one yet, register right away, and you’ll receive a free Bitcoin wallet where you’ll store, send, and receive BTC.

2. Check the list of offers
To browse the active offers, click “Buy” on your Paxful account. Choose “Wise” as your payment method, indicate how much BTC you want to buy, then click “Find Offers”. Browse through the list of active offers and pick the most suitable for your trading needs.

3. Choose an offer
Once you’ve selected an offer, carefully read the seller’s offer terms. This will give you an idea of what information you need to provide and if you meet the requirements set by the seller. Some sellers ask for a screenshot of your Wise profile and proof of transaction, so be sure to keep those handy during the trade.

4. Start the trade
If you’re satisfied with the seller’s offer terms, enter the BTC amount you are purchasing, then click “Buy now”. A live chat will be opened right after starting a trade. This is where the seller will provide you with further instructions on how to proceed.

5. Get your Bitcoin
Once you’ve completed your payment, mark the transaction as “Paid” and notify the seller. After your payment is confirmed, the seller will release the BTC straight to your Paxful Wallet. This will take only a few minutes.

And that’s it! Exchanging your money on Wise to Bitcoin has never been this easy.

Q. Ta yaya zan sayi Bitcoin ta amfani da Wise (TransferWise) ?

Ba a ɗora wani bayani ba tukunna. Duba tayin da ke ƙasa na wasu masu sayarwa. Idan kana da wata shawara to ka tura ta ƙasa ko ka rubuta tsokaci wanda mu kuma za mu tabbatar da cewa mun sanya a nan.

Tambaya. Ta yaya zan iya tura shawarata da bayanaina

Idan kana son ba da gudummawarka a sashen neman sani na hanyoyin biyan kuɗi, to ka rubuta duk wata shawara da kake da ita game da hanyar biyan kuɗin a sigar tsokaci. Za mu ɗora tsokacin a kan shafin hanyar biyan kuɗin sannan za mu sanya da sunan asusunka. Wannan zai sa injunan nema su riƙa nuna furofayil ɗinka da tayinka.

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