Quickteller (Online wallets) muhimman bayanan al'umma

Quickteller is one of the most popular payment platforms used in several African countries. It is a financial service that allows you to purchase airtime, pay bills, and send and receive money in different parts of the world. Now, you can also buy Bitcoin with Quickteller on Paxful with these five easy steps.

1. Sign in to Paxful
Log in to your Paxful account or create one if you haven’t yet. Upon signing up, you’ll instantly get a free Bitcoin wallet where you can store, send, and receive BTC.

2. Check available offers
To view all available offers, click “Buy Bitcoin” and choose “Quickteller” as your mode of payment. Enter the amount of BTC you’ll buy, select your preferred currency, then click “Find Offers”.

3. Choose your preferred offer
A list of offers from Bitcoin vendors will appear. Carefully review the seller’s offer terms before starting the trade. Be ready to present a valid ID, your account number, and contact details as these are some of the requirements that the vendor will ask for.

4. Begin the trade
If you agree with the seller’s terms and requirements, enter the BTC amount you want to buy, then click Buy now to start the trade. This will open a live trade chat where you can directly communicate with the seller.

5. Receive your Bitcoin
Once you’ve completed and confirmed your payment, the seller will release the BTC directly to your Paxful Wallet. This will only take a few minutes.

After purchasing BTC with Quickteller, don’t forget to leave your feedback about how the transaction went. This is an excellent way to understand how a trader behaves on Paxful.

Ready to launch your crypto journey? Go to your Paxful account now and scout the best available trade offers today. To learn more about trading and our platform, visit our help center or contact our 24/7 customer support.

Q. Ta yaya zan sayi Bitcoin ta amfani da Quickteller ?

Click on the Transfer Money menu
Complete the fields by inserting the account number, desired bank name and amount
Insert Card Details, i.e. PAN, Expiry Date, CVV, PIN, Safetoken/OTP or Verve eCash PIN if you are transferring from your eCash account.

Tambaya. Ta yaya zan iya tura shawarata da bayanaina

Idan kana son ba da gudummawarka a sashen neman sani na hanyoyin biyan kuɗi, to ka rubuta duk wata shawara da kake da ita game da hanyar biyan kuɗin a sigar tsokaci. Za mu ɗora tsokacin a kan shafin hanyar biyan kuɗin sannan za mu sanya da sunan asusunka. Wannan zai sa injunan nema su riƙa nuna furofayil ɗinka da tayinka.

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