GreenDot Card (Debit/credit cards) muhimman bayanan al'umma

Green Dot offers personalized banking services to unbanked individuals. Their Visa and MasterCards have wide merchant acceptance and you can now use it to purchase BTC here at Paxful's peer-to-peer marketplace.

To buy Bitcoin with Green Dot, you need to log in to your Paxful account or create a new one.
Once you’re logged in, click “Buy Bitcoin” and select “Green Dot Card” as your preferred payment method.

When you've reviewed the available offers and picked the one you like most, read the seller’s trade conditions carefully and see if you can meet all their requirements. Terms vary but the most common are:

1. Vendors are usually Americans who only accept domestic transactions. Upon starting the trade, tell them where you reside and ask if they have no problems accepting payments from your state.
Some sellers will require that your name is engraved on the card. If you don't have one, try looking for other sources who accept unregistered cards.

2. Green Dot to Green Dot transfer is preferred by most vendors but there are some that allow you to send the payment to their email address through the app or GoBank websites.

3. A few sellers value anonymity and will ask you to use an unregistered card not linked to a Paypal account. Take note that you may be asked to present a store receipt or card packaging if using a card that's unregistered, non-reloadable, prepaid, or a gift card.

Click the “Buy now” button to start a chat with the seller and complete the trade by making the payment using your Green Dot card when instructed, do not send your account info unless the vendor tells you to do so. Next, click “Paid” so that the seller can confirm the transaction and release your Bitcoin from escrow.

There you have it, you just bought BTC instantly with your Green Dot card! If you want to use MoneyPak next time, head over to our Buy Bitcoin with MoneyPak page to see related offers.

Q. Ta yaya zan sayi Bitcoin ta amfani da GreenDot Card ?

Ba a ɗora wani bayani ba tukunna. Duba tayin da ke ƙasa na wasu masu sayarwa. Idan kana da wata shawara to ka tura ta ƙasa ko ka rubuta tsokaci wanda mu kuma za mu tabbatar da cewa mun sanya a nan.

Tambaya. Ta yaya zan iya tura shawarata da bayanaina

Idan kana son ba da gudummawarka a sashen neman sani na hanyoyin biyan kuɗi, to ka rubuta duk wata shawara da kake da ita game da hanyar biyan kuɗin a sigar tsokaci. Za mu ɗora tsokacin a kan shafin hanyar biyan kuɗin sannan za mu sanya da sunan asusunka. Wannan zai sa injunan nema su riƙa nuna furofayil ɗinka da tayinka.

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