Comprar bitcoins con CO-OP Credit Unions Cash Deposit por US Dollars (USD)

Shared Branch CU

Primero obtenga un monedero de bitcoins gratuito

¿Qué cantidad desea comprar? haga clic aquí para recibir ayuda Paxful fee: 0 USD
To start a trade, please sign up above
El mínimo es 210 USD
Operación máxima 490 USD
Le cuesta $1.22 por cada dólar
Tasa de 4389.37 USD por bitcoins (puede comprar cualquier fracción de bitcoin)

Breve resumen de la oferta

  • sólo efectivoPurchase or deposit must be made only with cash.

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Condiciones de la oferta de OpticBit Consejos de la comunidad

The teller might ask for ID

STEP 1 [email protected]@@ Request a random amount. @@@!!!
This is so I can tell your deposit from someone else
Don't use $10.00 increments.

Make deposit. Get a Business card from anyone that works at that branch

Write on the receipt
"For Bitcoins On between OpticBit and <your user id>"
Crease the receipt then Tear (Do NOT Cut) Below the "Deposit available line"
Send one picture. Show entire receipt. with business card
Do NOT cover Text with marker or fingers.

Mark as paid AFTER you upload the receipt

Failure to follow instructions may result in delays. Minor mistakes are ok.

My account has a note on it for cash only.
They will call me and authorities on non cash requests.

~::Generic info Posted on All my ads::~

Mostly available
mon-thurs 8am-9pm
fri 8a-7p
sat 10a-5p
sun 10a-3p
all times Pacific

By Starting this trade you agree:

Money you send was obtained legally,
Money you receive will be used legally.

No third party will be used for the trade.
( No family, No Friends, No Co-workers)

No Haggling on the price.
No Haggling on the limits.

You are NOT currently Located in New York State.

Trade is for the advertised method only.
See other ads for other options.

Do NOT Start a large trade if you cant pay.
It Reserves coins making them unavailable to others
it may result in being blocked.

It is suggested you transfer to a wallet only you have private keys for.
Keep in mind different places will use different exchange rates.

Methods available:

Near by for quick trades
Buy/Sell: Cash in Las Vegas, Cash By Mail, AltCoins

I Buy BTC but do not sell at

Cash Deposit
WF BoA Chase USBank

A little further away
Citi Bank, Shared Branch Credit Union
Other Banks in Las Vegas
Walmart, Costco

Gift cards
I only Buy with cash at a store.
I rarely accept them. Do NOT Ask
Shredded 7days after release.

Reloadit, One Vanilla, MoneyPack
Amazon, Walmart, Apple Store,
Starbucks, Steam, Target,

These gift cards are available
NO iTunes

1 trade/day if it involves my account
$3k/person/day limit.

Do NOT Request A Loan On Pax
Instead use
Set it up so its there if you need it.
you can earn interest
I might lend small amounts on btcpop.

Info Updated 11/14/18

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El comprador de bitcoins tiene un límite de tiempo de 90 minutos para pagar por los bitcoins antes de que el sistema cancele la operación. No se cancelará de forma automática cuando el comprador la haya marcado como pagada. Tras ello, el comprador tiene que esperar a que el vendedor envíe los bitcoins.

Depósito en garantía seguro

Nuestro sistema de depósito en garantía le protege por medio de la retención de los bitcoins del vendedor en un depósito en garantía. Los bitcoins se envían a su monedero una vez que el pago se complete.

Uso inmediato

Una vez que tenga bitcoins usted puede utilizarlos de forma inmediata. Puede enviarlos o gastarlos sin ningún tipo de demora.

Asistencia por medio del chat

Cuando inicie una operación podrá hablar con un proveedor por medio de un chat en vivo. Lea sus instrucciones y hágale preguntas. La mayoría estará encantados de ayudarle durante el proceso.