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25,00 USD
25,00 USD
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49,00 %
14.382,73  USD
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30 min

Términos de la oferta por el propietario CHINAJACK

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Only Physical Gift Cards for (USA) with codes that start with AQ

Terms and Conditions

Single cards only. If you have multiple cards, please start a transaction for each card you are offering.

We only accept physical cards which we can verify are:
- dated and purchased in the last 24 hours.
- paid for with CASH.
- have codes starting with AQ
- have a barcode with numbers matching to your receipt.

You are expected to:
- have access to your receipt and your card during our transaction.
- - you must provide additional photos upon request as needed in our discretion to verify your receipt and card.
- provide only high resolution clear unobstructed photos.
- provide your store receipt and any available activation slip.
- - the store receipt or activation slip should show the card is activated
- provide your card when requested

You will first be asked to provide your receipt. If your receipt is accepted you will then be asked to provide your card.

We will redeem the gift cards immediately to verify validity:
- Upon successful redemption we will release payment and leave positive feedback.
- If your card code is locked OR INVALID, you need to cancel the trade.
- If your card code is already redeemed, we will open a dispute and you will be blocked from future transactions with us.

We have the right to reject any transaction that we consider too risky for us.

It is solely your responsibility to ensure the above terms and conditions are met during our transaction.

Trade Instructions


1. upload a high resolution clear unobstructed image of your sales receipt (and activation slip if available) showing all 4 corners.
2. wait for my confirmation that the receipt looks ok and I wish to continue with our trade
3. Please type the gift card code starting with AQ as it appears on the card into chat for me.
4. upload a high resolution clear unobstructed image of your Gift Card, showing all 4 corners.
5. wait for me to verify the card. If everything looks good I will release the bitcoins to you from escrow and leave positive feedback.
6. after our trade I will close our chat window and further messages sent in this chat may not be seen. To get my attention please open a new trade.

Be patient - I often receive multiple trade requests at the same time - I appreciate your understanding.

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