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El mínimo es 40 USD
Operación máxima 123 USD
Le cuesta $0.06 por cada dólar
Tasa de 530.26 USD por bitcoins (puede comprar cualquier fracción de bitcoin)


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Condiciones de la oferta de b9120 Consejos de la comunidad

To trade with me, you will need the HD photo of your ID and selfie of you holding that ID.

I will pay paypal fee. Please, let me know your email first. Then I will send the invoice with description
"This is the sale for bitcoin on with trade number ####. The buyer (user name) is aware that there is no refund after the bitcoin is released to the buyer in this trade. The buyer agrees that the proof of releasing bitcoin in this trade is the proof of shipping. "

Terms and conditions:
"No Refund"
"Daily limit 250usd per account"
"No Purchases from New York Residents"
"No Trades for users with more than 2 negative feedbacks"

There are four additional conditions.

*** Name on PayPal Account Must be Verified and matches your ID.
*** Address on PayPal Account Must be Verified
*** No Purchases from New York Residents
*** Due to the high risk of transacting via Paypal, I reserve the right to limit or deny any trade at my discretion.

If you agree these condition, open the trade.

*** Once I confirm the payment, I will release btc.

*** Don't try to charge back after btc is released. You will be reported to And paypal provides seller protection for digital goods.

Paypal Policy:

Our Seller Protection applies to transactions for intangible or virtual items and services. If a buyer opens a claim against you for such an item or service, you should be prepared to provide compelling evidence that you provided it.

If you sell or market to buyers in other countries, please read our Buyer Protection policies of the countries in which your target buyers are based (accessible via the "Legal" or "Legal Agreements" footer link on most PayPal site pages) as these policies will apply to you as a seller.

We'll consider all claims on their merits. If, as a seller you can show us that you did provide the goods or services as described, we'll reject the buyer's claim.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Protection Services Department

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El comprador de bitcoins tiene un límite de tiempo de 45 minutos para pagar por los bitcoins antes de que el sistema cancele la transacción. No se cancelará de forma automática cuando el comprador la haya marcado como pagada. Tras ello, el comprador tiene que esperar a que el vendedor libere los bitcoins.

Depósito seguro

Nuestro sistema de depósito en garantía le protege por medio de la retención de los bitcoins del vendedor en forma de fondo en fideicomiso. Los bitcoins se liberan a su monedero una vez que el pago se completa.

Uso inmediato

Una vez que tenga bitcoins usted puede utilizarlos de forma inmediata. Puede enviarlos o gastarlos sin ningún tipo de demora.

Asistencia por medio del chat

Cuando inicie una transacción podrá hablar con un proveedor por medio de un chat en vivo. Lea sus instrucciones y hágales preguntas. La mayoría estarán encantados de ayudarle durante el proceso.

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