Compra bitcoin con Transferencia bancaria doméstica por USD — Carolina Cooperative FCU

  • Se requiere recibo
  • Se requiere identificación con foto
Tarifa de Paxful
límites de compra
1.000, USD
1.392, USD
tasa del vendedor
15,00 %
7.204,12  USD
Límite de tiempo question
2 hours

Términos de la oferta por el propietario buybitcoinsfromme

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1. Upload ID Front
2. Upload ID Back
3. Upload Selfie with ID
4. Upload Selfie holding Paper Statement that says, "I want to buy bitcoins from BuyBitcoinsFromMe on No refunds."
5. C: Upload a picture of your ID held next to a laptop or phone screen showing this trade page with the full screen and trade web address visible.
Note: If you ONLY have one phone, follow the steps provided in this link…
If you don't have a cell phone and only have one computer, we can use "" or “Skype” to complete Step 3C. I will upload instructions if needed.

6. I will send you my account information.

7. You will send wire confirmation that the wire transfer has been sent
7A. Federal Reference number
7B. SWIFT/ABA code
7C. Date the funds should arrive.
7D. Exact dollar amount of the transfer

8. I will release the bitcoin.

1. If you submit info without being instructed, the trade becomes void and you must cancel it.
2. We reserve the right to request additional info for any reason.
3. We reserve the right to request a new trade be opened if the price of bitcoin fluctuates more than $100 during the trade.
4. We do not participate in illegal activity nor accept stolen cards.
5. We do not deal with third parties or middle-men.
6. We don’t accept cards purchased in NY.
  • Compra sin inconvenientes

    Una vez que tengas bitcoins, puedes
    comenzar a usarlos en seguida. Podrás enviar o
    gastar bitcoins sin demoras.

  • Seguro y fiable

    Nuestro sistema de depósito en garantía te protege
    por medio de la retención de los bitcoins del vendedor, en un depósito en garantía.
    Los bitcoins se envían a tu monedero
    una vez que el pago se complete.

  • Chat instantáneo en vivo

    Cuando comiences a hacer transacciones, hablarás
    con un proveedor por el chat en vivo.
    Lee sus instrucciones y hazle

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