Comprar bitcoins con Apple Gift Card por US Dollars (USD)


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El proveedor no tiene suficientes bitcoins para financiar el depósito en garantía de esta oferta
El mínimo es 25 USD
Operación máxima 1000 USD
Le cuesta $4.4 por cada dólar
Tasa de 15135.16 USD por bitcoins (puede comprar cualquier fracción de bitcoin)

Breve resumen de la oferta

  • no requiere reciboNo receipt is required for this trade.
  • pagos en líneaOnline transfers accepted

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Condiciones de la oferta de Cryptoteka Consejos de la comunidad

*This is for Apple STORE gift cards
NO iTunes, NO Apple Music, NO App Store.*

For amounts of $300 or less, the release may be delayed until we have more than $500 in cards to redeem at the Apple Store in person. For larger amounts outside our posted limits, contact us.

*We can accept multiple gift cards in a single transaction but if you have more than 1 card you must tell us the amounts per card before sending!*

*We will ONLY release Bitcoins when Apple has shipped the order we place using your gift card!*

This is to protect us from scammers. We will send you consistent updates during the order processing/pre-shipping time period

*Must be valid in the USA*

*Check your gift card balance(s) before entering a trade by using this URL formatting, do not include any spaces: CARD NUMBER HERE IT USUALLY BEGINS WITH 63/PIN IN ALL CAPS HERE
Send us your card number and pin in this URL format so we can process things faster.

By entering into this trade with us, Cryptoteka of Paxful:
You agree to trust what we say.
You are willing to cancel a trade with us immediately upon our request.
We will confirm the balance of your card shortly after you send it. This does NOT mean it has been redeemed. If we cannot redeem the card, we reserve the right to NOT release any BTC to you. If a gift card balance changes or becomes invalid before we can redeem it, you will be required to cancel the trade immediately.

You will assume all the risks associated with using gift cards. We shall not be held liable for loss of gift card funds or in the unlikely event that Apple makes a gift card unredeemable and/or deactivates your card. This is highly unlikely but has occurred in some instances where a retailers system detects what they perceive to be suspicious gift card usage. In such a case we would act in good faith to recover all gift card funds but would not be obligated to release any Bitcoins to you unless the Apple gift card funds can be spent in full during a time period we deem as reasonable. (se cret word: contestant)
You agree that in the event of said account closure or loss of gift card funds for any reason, to cancel the applicable open trade(s) if we request you to do so.

We, Bullbox of Paxful, will act in good faith when dealing with all customers but we will not be held liable for any lost funds. Buyers assume ALL risks associated with trades.

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El comprador de bitcoins tiene un límite de tiempo de 1 hora para pagar por los bitcoins antes de que el sistema cancele la operación. No se cancelará de forma automática cuando el comprador la haya marcado como pagada. Tras ello, el comprador tiene que esperar a que el vendedor envíe los bitcoins.

Depósito en garantía seguro

Nuestro sistema de depósito en garantía le protege por medio de la retención de los bitcoins del vendedor en un depósito en garantía. Los bitcoins se envían a su monedero una vez que el pago se complete.

Uso inmediato

Una vez que tenga bitcoins usted puede utilizarlos de forma inmediata. Puede enviarlos o gastarlos sin ningún tipo de demora.

Asistencia por medio del chat

Cuando inicie una operación podrá hablar con un proveedor por medio de un chat en vivo. Lea sus instrucciones y hágale preguntas. La mayoría estará encantados de ayudarle durante el proceso.