Comprar bitcoins con Bank Transfers por British Pounds (GBP)

no id listing

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El proveedor no tiene suficientes bitcoins para financiar el depósito en garantía de esta oferta
El mínimo es 300 GBP
Operación máxima -1 GBP
Le cuesta $2.51 por cada dólar
Tasa de 6514.34 GBP por bitcoins (puede comprar cualquier fracción de bitcoin)

Breve resumen de la oferta

  • no requiere IDNo Identification is required for this trade.
  • pagos en líneaOnline transfers accepted

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Condiciones de la oferta de HiTheirSpeedyKBTC Consejos de la comunidad

No id listing at higher rateage.
cheaper id listing requires a selfie with state issued ID and a handwritten note with the sellers and buyers names

-Introductory 6% discounted rates until we get 50 sales. Selling low figures until enough of a reputation is built for me.

-No id necessary (But preferably i get your full name and facebook profile in advance of the trading), prompt payment is all thats required, im looking to be a professional and thats all i ask of you, if its obvious you are going to try and rob me (Though its impossible as i can not trade you funds until i see the payment in my account) i can cancel the trade.

Iam an easygoing but professional seller, realistically 15/6 i be using laptop, phone and tv so impossible for me to be anything but quick and reliable (I get a confirmation on my phone whenever a trade is started) unless im being a douchebag, or you caught me going to shops (if it happens i leave everything and get straight to laptop immediately within 5 minutes) Not aiming for a lot I see bitcoin and selling it as a modest supplementary income for someone who can not be employed for health reasons, so i do not rip you off unlike a minority of sellers on other sites.

-Buyer accepts all banking errors, it is not possible for me to trade you funds until i see payment in my account. I am a new seller so its better for me to avoid risky selling tactics. If its not their within 60 minutes i cancel the trade. In special circumstances i can reopen the trade if i see a print screen of payment and i got respectful and communicative dialogue during the trade. If i see it in my account a day later or longer i can allow you to start a new trade and i will release the funds without waiting to get a payment.

- Copying other sellers, i can report you to the relevant authorities, if i release you funds and later you try and say money was stolen etc. Trying to do so is a waste of energy.

- Simple now go enjoy coins, buy a alcoholic beverage at any nearby btc friendly establishment etc.

Reward Scheme -
- +5 purchases a fortnight you get a discounted margin (If it is not accurate i can cancel the trade, if its obviously so you get the discount i.e multiple minimal figure purchases, no discount)
- Message me a print screen of payment you get a discounted margin (Starts after 5 trades and you should continue to do so every trade, i can forgive one or two lapses but the majority of occasions and you get a discount)

El comprador de bitcoins tiene un límite de tiempo de 45 minutos para pagar por los bitcoins antes de que el sistema cancele la operación. No se cancelará de forma automática cuando el comprador la haya marcado como pagada. Tras ello, el comprador tiene que esperar a que el vendedor envíe los bitcoins.

Depósito en garantía seguro

Nuestro sistema de depósito en garantía le protege por medio de la retención de los bitcoins del vendedor en un depósito en garantía. Los bitcoins se envían a su monedero una vez que el pago se complete.

Uso inmediato

Una vez que tenga bitcoins usted puede utilizarlos de forma inmediata. Puede enviarlos o gastarlos sin ningún tipo de demora.

Asistencia por medio del chat

Cuando inicie una operación podrá hablar con un proveedor por medio de un chat en vivo. Lea sus instrucciones y hágale preguntas. La mayoría estará encantados de ayudarle durante el proceso.