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100 USD
1,000 USD
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10,035.14  USD
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Términos de la oferta por el propietario Kangazeeps

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Please Read Carefully before you open trade 
1)Dealing in AMAZON Gift Code is a risky business 
2)Amazon codes can be reversed from your account
3)PAXFUL and I am also telling you this is a high risk options 
4)If you want to make easy money without any risk please do not deal with me , i only deal with professionals
5) After you redeem I am not responsible in any way for what happens if you re-sell the codes, redeem them in third party Amazon accounts or accounts created with fake credentials.
6) Once you redeemed the gift card code, the deal is finished. NO claims or refund requests will be considered and you must release the bitcoins
all codes are valid and you will get a screenshot of balance

message and wait for reply
Physical card and cash receipt both available
redeem and release simple (Note i will not wait for hours you to release)

This is a fast trade open only when you know how to use the codes and ready to use the code.
Amazon has its own terms and policies please be aware the account can be locked because of use of more than one gift card and other reasons e.g
1) change in ip address 
2) resetting the password of account 
3) wrong or not verified billing address
4) suspicious activity in your account .
Some Tips : greater chances of success.

1) Use amazon prime
2) Use of zip codes in your billing and ip address location must be same
for example if you using California Ip address then your billing should also match California , shipping can be any place.
3) use one account on one machin & one ip .

If your account is locked or code got reversed that is your issues contact AMAZON immediately not me my codes are verified.
I will not be responsible if you dont know how to use the code and contact me after 2 days and claim the code was invalid or reversed .
I'm not responsible for any charge-backs, you just have to assume that buying an amazon gift card code for less amount, you have a certain level of the risk you're getting to.

The moment trade is completed and coin released, you agree and confirm to whatever risk involved and forefiet your right to request a refund either partial or in full.

Thank you

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