Comprar bitcoins con Prepaid Debit Card por US Dollars (USD)


Primero obtenga un monedero de bitcoins gratuito

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El mínimo es 11 USD
Operación máxima 500 USD
Le cuesta $2.49 por cada dólar
Tasa de 8855.60 USD por bitcoins (puede comprar cualquier fracción de bitcoin)

Breve resumen de la oferta

  • no requiere reciboNo receipt is required for this trade.
  • solo tarjetas físicasPhysical cards only are accepted
  • requiere ID con fotoA government issued photo ID is required

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Condiciones de la oferta de KingTylerVVS Consejos de la comunidad


You must complete ALL verification steps before you hit “PAID” to request bitcoins or speak to me in chat! I am only available 5am~10pm CST. If the time is not currently between those hours, go ahead and complete the steps and send payment; you can trust I will fulfill your order when I get back. Thanks!

1. A picture of your Valid ID (front AND back) and the Debit Card that will be used. (Names on both has to match.)

2. A picture of you holding your ID and a piece of paper with the following words, HAND WRITTEN:
• Today’s Date.
• Your Full Name.
• Amount of USD you are paying.
• To Tyler Shouse for Bitcoin.
• No Refund.

3. Crumple up the piece of paper you wrote on, flatten it back out and take an additional photo of you holding it so I know it was not photoshopped.

4. Hit "PAID" when you have paid with ONE of the below services, and have completed steps 1~3.
- MY PERSONAL SITE: submit your card details for most cards at
- Bluebird: ~ send to [email protected]
- Chime: ~ send to @KingTylerVVS
- Netspend: ~ send to Tyler Shouse, Flashpay ID: 7997095741

* If you did not do steps 1~3 and you send me money without proving to me your ownership of the card, you will not receive any bitcoins and the money you sent will be assumed stolen from someone else's account. Do not pay me without giving me proof of your identity or I will return the money to the account it came from.

** Please allow up to 8 hours for your bitcoins to arrive. I fulfill orders in batches, your order WILL be fulfilled if you passed all three verification steps properly. If you have bought from me before you can simply submit a paper selfie so I know you are still you and your Paxful account has not been hacked.

*** Please COMPLETE ALL STEPS! You will not hear from me in chat unless you have hit "PAID" and completed all steps.

El comprador de bitcoins tiene un límite de tiempo de 30 minutos para pagar por los bitcoins antes de que el sistema cancele la operación. No se cancelará de forma automática cuando el comprador la haya marcado como pagada. Tras ello, el comprador tiene que esperar a que el vendedor envíe los bitcoins.

Depósito en garantía seguro

Nuestro sistema de depósito en garantía le protege por medio de la retención de los bitcoins del vendedor en un depósito en garantía. Los bitcoins se envían a su monedero una vez que el pago se complete.

Uso inmediato

Una vez que tenga bitcoins usted puede utilizarlos de forma inmediata. Puede enviarlos o gastarlos sin ningún tipo de demora.

Asistencia por medio del chat

Cuando inicie una operación podrá hablar con un proveedor por medio de un chat en vivo. Lea sus instrucciones y hágale preguntas. La mayoría estará encantados de ayudarle durante el proceso.