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300,00 EUR
558,00 EUR
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8.207,16  EUR
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2 horas

Términos de la oferta por el propietario inkd12

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*** We only accept trades if your ID is issued by the European Union, Canada or US Please don't open a trade if you don't have this.

We have a Fully Verified Corporate PayPal Account.

Requirements to trade with us:

1) Verified PayPal account in EU, Canada or US.
2) Payment only by PayPal balance.
3) PayPal fees are covered by you (adds 3.7%)

Verification for first time trades:

1) High resolution photo of Passport or ID card (Front and back) matching your PayPal name.

2) High definition, non-blurry selfie of yourself with your ID and a handwritten note saying "Verification for inkd" also write the date and and sign it.

3) Screenshot of your settings page in PayPal with your name and email. Your account HAS to have been created a few months ago at least and you HAVE to have verified your address, passport, social security number and this screenshot has to show that you have.

Start each trade by: Send a screenshot of your PayPal balance and we will reply with our PayPal email - then you can send the transfer.

Send as Goods & Services - We will let you know the total that you need to send to cover the fees, or you can calculate yourself by adding 3.7% to the amount.

*** NEVER put ANYTHING in the description! ALWAYS leave it empty.

If all of the above are not 100% correct we will issue an immediate refund and cancel the trade, we will not reopen it. Make sure you put everything correctly.

*** Done! Release is immediate after we've received the funds, usually in less than 5 minutes.
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    Compra sin inconvenientes

    Una vez que tengas bitcoins, puedes
    comenzar a usarlos en seguida. Podrás enviar o
    gastar bitcoins sin demoras.

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    Seguro y fiable

    Nuestro sistema de depósito en garantía te protege
    por medio de la retención de los bitcoins del vendedor, en un depósito en garantía.
    Los bitcoins se envían a tu monedero
    una vez que el pago se complete.

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    Chat instantáneo en vivo

    Cuando comiences a hacer transacciones, hablarás
    con un proveedor por el chat en vivo.
    Lee sus instrucciones y hazle

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  • Recuerda que los bitcoins, una vez enviados, no son reembolsables