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Here at Paxful, we strive to make palpable changes in people’s everyday lives. We believe financial freedom is a human right and fight to make that a reality. Join our team to make a difference!

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Executive team of Paxful

Our story

Paxful was born in 2015 from the minds of founders Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback, who dreamed of financial inclusion for anyone who desired it. With millions of people worldwide lacking services to financial services, there was a need to be filled. They eventually teamed up with Ivan Suhharev, who joined on as CTO to lead the tech efforts and create an amazing platform. Today, Paxful is one of the largest peer-to-peer marketplaces in the world, serving over 3 million customers worldwide. The P2P revolution has arrived.

Artur Schaback, Ray Youssef & Ivan Suhharev

Executive team of Paxful

What’s it like to work at Paxful?

Working at Paxful is anything but ordinary. With four offices across the globe, our team is always on the grind. We work hard, play hard, and then work again to make sure we’re always ahead of the game. You can often find Paxful employees jamming out to music, at the gym, grabbing snacks, or lounging out in the sun. It might sound cheesy but we call each other family because we love each other and love what we do.

Our offices

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia is often referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of Europe. The small but thriving city is known for its start-up scene and digital citizenship program. The innovation and open-mindedness of the people make Estonia a great place for our product development team to create world-changing, life-altering products.

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Our office in Tallinn
Our office in Tallinn
Our office in Tallinn

New York, USA

New York City is one of the largest financial hubs in the world and was the natural choice for Paxful to grow its presence while attracting lots of great partnerships. Having kicked off as a two-person startup, the New York office quickly expanded to include members from a number of different departments, including our legal and compliance teams who work tirelessly to bring Paxful to the next level.

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Our office in New York
Our office in New York
Our office in New York

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot that has grown to become one of the busiest business meccas in the world. The Hong Kong office is home to members of our marketing and business development teams, who are making great strides in connecting various Asian markets to the rest of the world.

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Our office in Hong Kong
Our office in Hong Kong
Our office in Hong Kong

Manila, Philippines

Manila is the economic, political, social, and cultural hub of the Philippines. One of the most dynamic and fastest growing industries in Manila is the information technology-business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry. That’s why Manila was an obvious choice to be the center of our customer experience and marketing teams.

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Our office in Manila
sOur office in Manila
Our office in Manila

Our mission

Our goal is financial freedom through peer-to-peer finance. With a secure, intuitive platform made up of verified customers, we aim to be a global financial passport and universal translator for money. Putting education at the forefront, our team seeks to help people from all over the world connect and build relationships with one another, allowing them to learn and grow together. At the end of the day, it’s about making tangible differences in lives everywhere. Real change brought on by real people.

Meet the Paxful team! Meet the Paxful team!

Meet the Paxful team!

Paxful’s employees are the heart of our company. With different cultures and backgrounds, we’re always learning from one another. The best part? Everyone can experience different languages and cultures. We may have a dedicated product team but our platform is the result of collaborative work and feedback from every team and department.

Like any family, things can get pretty crazy but at the end of the day we have love and passion for what we do. We’ve grown quite a bit since we started and we’re always on the lookout for energetic new talent. Apply now and see why Paxful is the place to be!

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We love giving back

We look out for your health

We offer catered lunch and dinner every day, a gym membership of your choice, various fitness and nutritional supplements, massages and chiropractic visits, and health-related team events.

We’re committed to education

From touring universities around the world to providing unlimited resources for training and professional development, we believe the only way forward is through continued growth and learning.

We like to let loose

Changing the world isn’t easy, so to balance out all of the hard work, we offer activities, events, and even company-wide paid vacations just for the fun, experience, and the connections you can build with your colleagues from the other side of the globe.



Software Development

The heart of Paxful. The cross-functional product teams work in agile sprints, constantly developing new products, updating existing ones, and envisioning the future reaches of peer-to-peer finance.


The cross-functional product teams work in agile sprints, constantly developing new products. Designers, Product Managers and Analysts make the magic happen and transform ideas into products.


Paxful’s largest department is dispersed between different continents to ensure 24/7 support and dispute resolution. These teams work on securing our platform and users, ensuring that regulatory compliance is met and conducting advanced blockchain analysis.


These are the people spreading the gospel of peer-to-peer finance across the world. Using both traditional and niche media channels, they aim to reach global audiences through education, content, and community building.


These departments are the oil to our machine. They make sure our books are checked and that all operations undergo legal scrutiny.

People Operations

The people who ensure Paxful remains the best workplace ever! They run all human resources and all matters related to organizational development, along with handling office management and various administrative projects.

How to join the Paxful family

Mutual fit and application

Prepare for a call

The first interview

How do you ace your interview?

  • Read up on #BuiltWithBitcoin and how our mission empowers social justice through Bitcoin
  • Learn about the industry of digital currencies. If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, do some research to understand the basics of its technological and economical impact
  • Check our social media accounts to get a sense of our culture and communication style
  • Tell us more than what’s on your resume! Why do you stand out?
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