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Choose from over 300 payment options available when buying and selling bitcoin!

You buy bitcoin directly from other people

Online wallets

Online wallets

  • Convenient
  • Personalised
  • Easy

Don’t want to leave the house? You can use a number of popular payment apps. Once the transfer is complete, bitcoin is yours.

Gift cards

Gift cards

  • Personalised
  • Private
  • Large Variety

Want to buy $20 of bitcoin fast? Pick up a gift card with cash, save the receipt, and exchange it here for instant bitcoin.

The Paxful way
to buy bitcoin

Here at Paxful, we want to revolutionize your finances by way of bitcoin. Millions of people around the world are left stranded without access to proper financial services. We think that’s not right. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to do exactly what they want with their money. Little by little, we want to see palpable changes made in people’s everyday lives.

Our platform is built on the foundation of peer-to-peer finance. That means you have the ability to buy bitcoin directly from other people just like you. No banks, no big corporations. Instead, you’re joining a community made up of over 2 million who have committed to regaining control of their finances.

With over 300 available payment methods, you can buy bitcoin using virtually any payment method of your choosing. From bank transfers to payment apps and even gift cards, we have a little something for everyone. Are you more of a cash person? We got you covered. Paxful has and will continue to support cash in person trades.

The P2P finance revolution is here and we’re happy you’re a part of it. With thousands of great offers, constantly improving technology, and a growing network, the possibilities at Paxful are endless.

Congratulations on being invited to join Paxful!

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