Do you want to buy bitcoin with the lowest fees possible? Are you fed up with having to sacrifice a portion of your trade to buy BTC? Let us help you stop throwing money into the trash.

We spent some time comparing marketplaces and looking into what kinds of fees they charge and are confident in saying that Paxful is the cheapest place to buy bitcoin!

1. Buy bitcoin with no fees on Paxful

Paxful Fee

Notice the big zero on the left? That’s right, Paxful doesn’t charge buyers any fees to buy bitcoin.

However, you’ll need to pay close attention to the exchange rate set by the seller. The rate can vary depending on your verification status, payment method, currency pair (such as USD, EUR, CNY), and order size. Make sure to find an offer that best suits your needs

2. Free bitcoin transfers between Paxful wallets

When you create an account on Paxful, we give you a free digital wallet. With it, you can make up to five internal transactions per month for free.


Of course, you can still transfer bitcoin between Paxful wallets after the allotted five times. For every transaction after the 5th free transfer, we’ll charge a small fee of either $1 or 1% of the transferred amount—whichever amount is greater—to cover system maintenance costs. 

3. Instant transfers and high liquidity make cheap bitcoin trades

Speed has got everything to do with this. Most trades are completed within minutes on Paxful, which gives your money little chance to be affected by the fluctuating price of bitcoin.

This is closely related to the cryptocurrency’s liquidity on our site. The more liquid the market is, the more competition and options there are, which can make it more likely for the price of bitcoin to go down. Note that when trading volume is high, liquidity may go down, which can cause pumps and dumps in price.

Luckily, on Paxful you can choose how much you want to buy and only trade with sellers that release bitcoin in your desired amount of time. You have full control of your finances with our people-powered marketplace!

4. Over 300 ways to mix and match transaction rates

As a buyer, you’re at an advantage because we don’t charge you anything. However, for our sellers, there are small fees associated with different payment methods. That means the amount you receive is a combined result of your trade volume, currency, and payment method.

The difference between these variables can be huge. For instance, $100 through bank transfers can get you as much as $93.36 worth of BTC with a certain seller, but $100 through a certain gift card only gets you $68.99 worth of BTC. That’s nearly a $30 difference!

Bank transfer Gift Card

The more flexible you are with payment methods, the more likely you can find offers that pay you back the most. And with over 300 payment methods, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the easiest way to buy bitcoin.

Now you know why Paxful is best 

We aren’t just saying it. The total number of wallets on Paxful exceeded 3 million in 2019 and many happy vendors have shared their trading journeys with us, hoping to encourage the next generation of users. We’re proud to be helping people get closer to financial freedom.

For a comprehensive step-to-step guide on buying bitcoin on Paxful, check out this guide

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