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Top 10 Reasons Why Paxful is the best Startup to work With

Reason 1 – Change the World

Every Single day you will make a Real Difference in the world to the people who need it most.

Paxful is making Bitcoin work for the underbanked peoples of the world and making a real difference in the EVERYDAY LIVES OR NORMAL PEOPLE. Kinda like how we geeks use Google, is how a single mother in Georgia or Nigeria or Mumbai can use her Paxful wallet to preserve the value of their money and secure their income to feed their children. These folks have a real option now thanks to Bitcoin and Paxful where as before they had nothing. There are three billion lives you can help change!

Reason 2 – Help the Little Guy

We had no idea how many people don’t have bank accounts until they came to us desperate for help as the BackPage Effect showed all of us. That’s our CEO in the video doing the phone support himself. There are 2.5 billion people on earth who need financial services and we are the guys actually listening to them and building for them.

The above video is two years old and now we are doing even more and making a real difference in the developing world! Africa and India are our 2nd and third biggest markets.

Reason 3 – Work with the Best

Are you a genius? Great! We like smart folks but above all we value leadership. There are plenty of super smart folks in tech but at Paxful you’ll find leaders, not Bosses, or managers but people who lead by example and expect the best from themselves. Leadership means expecting the best from yourself and nurturing others to lead as well. We are really good at that because it is what we value most. If you want dudes with perfect SAT scores who can solve a Rubik’s cube in a minute flat we’re not the guys but if you want to learn how to be a better leader and work with those who expect the very best from themselves then we are the best!

Reason 4 – The Hottest Tech

Ok, so we use PHP for our web dev not exactly hot but… we are also Blockchain based and release open source blockchain software. Everything you do here code wise will at some point interact with Blockchain technology. We’re among the top 5 bitcoin wallet of the world.

Reason 5 – Solve the Biggest Problems

Everything we do we think about the mainstream market. No idea is too challenging. We want to solve the biggest problems on the internet. Every start an ecommerce site? Go thru the hell of setting up a visa or Mastercard merchant account, deal with chargebacks and have to say no to 3 billion customers because they don’t have a card? We’re gonna fix all that. You game?

Reason 6 – Freedom Bro!

Ever get punked out by your bank? Told what you can or can not do with your own hard earned money? Paxful Developers take action! Disrupting Finance at the very core is what excites us. Hang out with us for a day and you will feel it. Nuff Said…

Reason 7 – Join the Family

Crypto currency geeks and Bitcoin millionaires will be the billionaires of tomorrow. You’ll be meeting them all and right in the middle of the party. They are offbeat but much cooler than your typical tech geeks and you’ll even learn a thing or two about financial history and get some good investing advice.

You can even become a “made man.. or lady”. You get a tailored suit of your own design, bespoke shoes, a carbon fiber wallet, comb, lighter and even an awesome wooden toothbrush. Welcome to the Family! We even have our own violin player!

Reason 8 – Get Six Pack Abs!

No, we’re not going to try and sell you an ab machine. We just put fitness at a super high priority and we work out together and eat together and as you will see by our perks we give you everything you need to get into the best shape of your life while working with us!

“Three months at any other startup you have a bigger gut than you came in with. At Paxful after three months yzou’ve got a six pack and look and feel better than you ever have.” -Ray Youssef

Reason 9 – Flexible Time Schedule

Super Flexible schedules from 10am-7pm our the office hours but Star Players set their own times to get things done. Example: Artur our CTO took some time off on a secret project and came back with an update that quadrupled our stats. Epic Win!

“We’re all about the big win and personal leadership trumps all.” Artur Schaback CTO

Reason 10 – Stability

Most startups don’t make it, they usually don’t find a product market fit or run out of funding before they do. Here at Paxful we profitable, bootstrapped and only answer to our customers. No worries folks we’re self-sufficient and your job and many others will be here tomorrow and the next day.

Reason 11 – Perks

  1. Gourmet meals are delivered to the office twice a day from the best restaurants.
  2. Gym membership
  3. Free fitness training lead by our resident bodybuilder Ivan.
  4. Free Supplements are included and they are the very best protein powders, BCAA’s and we will show you how to use them.
  5. Get “Made” and get a custom tailored suit and bespoke leather shoes on us! We source our suits from the very best LGFG Fashion House and our shoes from DeBoiss bespoke. You will look DARN GOOD!!!
  6. Our own Psychoanalyst. Had some personal issues with your last breakup you’re still working thru, mommy issues, daddy issues? No problem we’ve got you covered!  You get a session every month on us. Being ripped is awesome but mental health is even better!
  7. Weekend Activities include go-kart racing, shooting at the Range, Arctic drifting in super-cars and Sky diving.
  8. Full on Company Vacations: Our USA road trip is now Legendary in the Bitcoin scene and even resulted in the infamous Captain America Vs the Miami Dade County SWAT encounter which will forever be remembered. Next up is Ibiza and Burning Man.
Company wide workations are EPIC!

Who We Are

Paxful, Inc. is a US startup founded in New York City in 2015 by two guys; Ray and Artur. We had to leave New York because a regulation passed in NY state that made it impossible for Bitcoin startups to innovate there. So We moved our HQ to Tallinn, Estonia, known for some of the liveliest nightlife in Europe and the very best dairy products.

Why We Do It

To help the little guy.




Ray is the CEO of Peer to Peer finance company Paxful, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a blockchain enthusiast. In addition to handling his company, he is also an avid reader and stays updated with market trends and emerging technology.

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