First of all, we would love to thank all of the people that made this third anniversary of Paxful possible! Thanks to the people who use this platform responsibly, who help the little guy get the wealth that they need whenever and wherever they need it. Thanks to the Paxful team for creating and maintaining this #P2PFinance Utopia that is flourishing and continuing to grow. Thank you, the users, that make this platform more awesome every day. Without you all, Paxful will never be the premier peer-to-peer platform that it is today.

We are filled with joy and that joy fuels our passion to keep on moving forward with a banner of hope and peace on our side. We are in the process of launching Paxful 2.0 both on the web and as an app! Paxful has many users, power users such as our vendors and buyers from all over the world. This version will be a testament to your feedbacks, we are applying everything that we’ve learned from you, on this platform! We took in consideration your inputs and applied it to make this platform easier and focused on the one thing that matters, making a day to day difference in the lives of working people, the ones who need it most, the “little guys”.

Paxful will definitely be there to listen and watch and then educating and helping people who are in the middle of harsh financial restrictions that chokes their ability to live life to the fullest. With the original mission of bitcoin supporting our efforts, we will always be committed to paving the way for this Peer-to-Peer Financial Revolution that is changing the world!

Artur and I, and the rest of the Paxful Team are very thankful to each and every dedicated buyer, seller, and vendors that are using the Paxful platform. We started Paxful believing the potential of the whole concept that we’ve started. What can I say is that without the people that used and still using the platform, it may never evolve into one of the peer-to-peer juggernauts in the industry. Thank you all for making Paxful a community of prosperity, opportunities, and innovation.

This third year will be a rollercoaster ride for every one of us. We are building another school with ZamZam Water in Rwanda from Paxful’s #BuiltWithBitcoin Initiative. We are hitting two birds in one stone with this project. We are building something incredible with cryptocurrency and we are demonstrating the very idea of decentralization. We are reaching beyond what traditional financing can reach. We aim at continuing this project in the coming years so that we can continue the very idea of bitcoin reaching the unbanked!

Paxful is in a constant climb each year and we feel each and every helping hand that our users lend on every step that we take. With your constant help with keeping our platform a premier marketplace for bitcoin transaction, we can keep on looking forward and discover more things that we can change for the better. Paxful is with you with every crypto-step that you take. The risk is greater, the volatility is frightening, and there are institutions that are hindering our every move to help the people. We are in this together, it has been three years since we all decided that this is money OUR way! #P2PFinance is the future that you hold in your hands!

– Ray, Artur, and the Paxful Team