Paxful's new global ID verification process
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Paxful’s New Global Verification Process

In a move towards a more regulated platform and in efforts to combat fraud while protecting our honest customers, Paxful has implemented a global verification process which requires users around the world who reach an equivalent of $1,500 in trade volume or wallet activity to verify their accounts through ID verification.

March 19, 2019 — In addition, users who reach $10,000 in trade volume or wallet activity must provide ID verification as well as address verification. Furthermore, those who reach higher trade volumes or engage in specific wallet activity may undergo additional due diligence and account review.

During this process, some user accounts may have been affected which has caused concern from users and the media about our legitimacy. Rest assured that the measures Paxful has taken are in efforts to protect our users and all legitimate accounts will be eligible to resume trading shortly. We thank our customers for alerting us to this issue. We humbly ask for your patience while we verify all legitimate accounts and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are all hands on deck to resolve this as speedily as possible. Paxful’s mission is and will always be to provide working people a simple, fair and secure platform for trading the value of their work and keep our honest customers safe.

Paxful is highly rated online bitcoin marketplace. Paxful often gets plaudits for its ease of use and responsive dedicated support which can be confirmed from 99bitcoin’s review on Paxful.

Clients will be updated via email on the process and can contact Paxful at [email protected] with any additional concerns.

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For media inquiries, send a message to [email protected]

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    1. Dear Jacob,

      Thank you so much for your concern. Nigeria is one of our biggest market. Nigerians use our service and we get a lot of good feedback from our customers there. However, a handful of traders do not have a very good trade history. Some of the traders scam other traders on Paxful and refuse to disclose their identity. This made us take a bold step and freeze their accounts– because of which the alleged scammers got infuriated and started making noise on social media as to pressure us into returning their scammed money. But we are hard as a rock against scammers and never compromise the legitimacy of our platform for a handful of scammers.

      Thanks for understanding

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