Good day, Paxful fans! 

We’ve got big news for you. Paxful is launching the brand-new Paxful Peer Program, an international entrepreneurship program where everyone is welcome to apply to be a part of Paxful’s mission and earn great benefits in return. 


What is the Paxful Peer Program?

Paxful Peer Program opens up a world of opportunities and offers belonging, professional experience, and recognition to all Peers. There are three levels in this program: 1) Peer, 2) Ambassador, and 3) Associate. As you enter the program as a Peer, you’ll embark on your journey to tackling challenges and reaching new goals while receiving rewards and getting promoted to the next level. Paxful Peer Program offers a growth path for all peers from being a Paxful Peer to a Paxful Associate, with the potential to become a Paxful employee. Among the many different paths we offer, you are very likely to find something that aligns with your skills and dreams. 

Examples of the challenges you’ll be tackling include: introducing new users to Paxful, creating #PaxfulPeer social media content certain times a week, and organizing meetups (funded by Paxful!). 

Why Should I Join the Paxful Peer Program?

We are serious — a successful #PaxfulPeer could become a full-time Paxful employee. But that’s not all! By joining Paxful Peer Program, you’ll be able to influence other motivated Paxful fans across the globe and exponentially grow your earnings. Some other exclusive perks for our #PaxfulPeers include: 

  • Paxful swag 
  • A Peer badge on your Paxful profile
  • Invite-only Paxful events in your region
  • VIP Support for quick access to Paxful employees and moderators 
  • Weekly live online training for a month
  • Affiliate Program earnings
  • 5 USD in BTC for you and 5 USD in BTC for every new user you sign up (fully KYC-verified) after he/she trades on Paxful
  • Generous subsidy for you to organize meetups (Ambassador level)
  • 150 USD monthly compensation for thriving Associates(Associate level)
  • A chance to travel to one of the Paxful offices as an Associate

How Can I Become a Paxful Peer?

It’s easy to become a #PaxfulPeer! Take a couple of minutes to fill out the application form here and we will get in touch with you within 10 days of your form submission if your application has been selected. If you successfully pass the initial screening, you’ll be invited to have a short video interview with us. Once you pass the video interview, you’ll officially become a #PaxfulPeer! 

If you have any questions: