Consensus 2018 was both a blast and an eye-opener! It was a seminar of sort that threw a lot of questions and threw an even greater amount of answers that gave light to what bitcoin and cryptocurrency can truly do. The event also tackled a lot of issues and innovations about the  cryptocurrency industry without alienating the beginners and boring the veterans.

There are several notable things I’ve gathered from this event:

  • I learned that Paxful meant a whole lot to both people who are familiar and unfamiliar with our platform. Half of the people see Paxful as a platform where they can get once-in-a-lifetime deals using their gift cards and the other half see it as a platform to bypass banking limitations. With this information, I established more confidence to what Paxful can do to help move forward the cryptocurrency world and lift it up to new heights and potential.
  • There were a lot of questions about Paxful. I was asked what makes Paxful different from our competitors. Beginners wanted to know how Paxful help people that trade bitcoin. I explained how unique the Paxful platform is. I thoroughly explained our P2P finance system and how it gives the people a universal financial passport. I presented Paxful as a platform for the unbanked, a platform that serves the vendors, and a platform for both veteran and beginner vendors.
  • There was an interview with Wall Street Journal and I believe that the press still doesn’t see the use and potential of bitcoin. I get that their confidence is still not 100% when it comes to bitcoin itself, but the real potential of bitcoin is on the vendors and its users. P2P financing will surely create a great impact on how the press and the people see bitcoin. P2P finance will give you the freedom to use your own  money.

Consensus 2018 was a wave after wave of information and connection. There were a lot of Wall street people and start-up companies looking for funding. We’ve been able to find a couple of companies that offer real service. The company Comply Advantage stands out for their excellent AML services.

In summary, Consensus 2018 was an amazing trip. There were a lot of things to learn and a lot of people to learn from. It was an event that is essential for a company like Paxful to be a part of. We learned a lot from the questions thrown around and I can only say that Consensus 2018, gave ideas to Paxful to be a better P2P financing platform for veteran and novice traders alike. This event helped push the vision of paxful for its users forward.