Sometimes, we want to sit back and let someone do the heavy lifting for us. To make looking for offers an easier and more fun part of your trading experience, we’re excited to introduce PaxBot, our resident chatbot on Telegram. PaxBot is programmed to do two things for you: 

  • Search for existing offers 
  • Let you know when new offers that match your criteria become available

Instead of inserting preferences and sifting through unsuitable offers, you can now let PaxBot do the digging for you by choosing your preferred offer type,  payment method, and currency in a Telegram chat. Once PaxBot receives this information, it’ll send you links to open offers that match your criteria.

If there aren’t any suitable offers based on your selections, you can subscribe to get notified instead. That way, you’ll be the first to know when new offers that match your preferences become available. 

Finding and activating PaxBot

PaxBot is already on standby as you’re reading this sentence. You can look for it by: 

  • Searching “PaxBot” on Telegram 
  • Sending PaxBot a message using this link

Once you’re in the chat window, tap Start and let PaxBot know whether you want to search for existing offers or subscribe to notifications for new offers. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for those of you who want to see more detailed screenshots and instructions on how to use PaxBot.

We hope you’ll get along well with PaxBot!