Being a Paxful Affiliate can be an awesome source of side income if you know how to do it right. In this blog post, we are going to discuss five ways you can become a successful Paxful Affiliate and make a good side income with little effort.

If you correctly follow these five mantras, you’ll start to see the rise in your affiliate count and a bump in your affiliate income in a short amount of time.

Harness the power of social media

Social Media is an extremely fertile field for planting your affiliate seeds but there is also a chance that your affiliate link might get forever lost in the enormity of the Internet. This is why it’s important to select your platforms and channels wisely. Participate in groups about digital currencies and remittance. Groups dealing with financial problems in developing countries can also be a help.

Be more proactive with the community you are interacting with. If you just drop your link and disappear, there is a big chance that not many people will care for it. Try to build a harmonious give-and-take relationship with the community so that real people will actually care for what you have to say and what you have to offer.

Find your niche

What makes a successful affiliate is the ability to carve your own niche and reach into many untapped audiences who are genuinely curious but may not have the means to end up to the platform.

It can be educational content in native languages, Telegram groups discussing the rise and fall of digital currencies, or even a subreddit of decentralization fanatics who believe in bringing power back to the people. Find a niche you feel comfortable in and start discussing the opportunities of P2P finance with Paxful.

Find uninformed traders

Many traders and vendors conduct business using a variety of payment methods but do not know about Paxful. For this reason, they usually end up trading for a lesser margin or with a higher chance of getting scammed.

Informing them about the power of Paxful is a guaranteed method to increase their number of high-quality affiliates. These affiliates are also the most likely to get you tier 2 affiliates, which gives them the opportunity to earn 10% of the transaction fees. Paxful believes in providing people with the proper service they deserve and it ranges from the user interface all the way to support. We traditionally have had high user retention rates which have only been growing, so there is a huge chance that your new affiliates are here to stay and will be a good source of profit for you.

Educate people

People are curious by nature but scams and malpractices often leave them vulnerable and scared. It’s so much so that they are reluctant to try something new, even when it may bring a lot of value to their lives.

You can convey the message about Paxful and teach people how to use the platform and leave your affiliate links as breadcrumbs for them to reach our platform. One of our highly successful affiliates made a video about how to use Paxful in his native language of Vietnamese. Among a little more than 3,000 viewers, 250 turned out to be affiliated and are making a good passive income for him.

Become a Paxful Ambassador

Here at Paxful, we take pride in being true P2P messengers. While our rivals have continuously given up their described goodwill ambitions for the sake of profit, as is evident from LocalBitcoin’s departure from Gift cards or their latest stunt of pulling all cash to BTC offers down, we have always remained true to the spirit of P2P finance.

You can be a part of this revolution simply by spreading the word on our mission, ambition, and the direction we are heading towards. We have had several instances of people who start using our platform as soon as they hear about our mission and realize the utility of our platform.

If you have any questions about Paxful, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] or via our live chat feature and remember to look for us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram