Dear Paxful Members,

In recent news, we went over our new feature that allows members to create and host their own Bitcoin Kiosk. This can be used to earn from every sale that is made through your custom Kiosk. You can place this Widget on Facebook, Twitter, blog, link it within your email list, or post it on your Website and any other online place that can host this digital widget.

In this article, we will be going through the entire process so that you can better understand how it all works and how to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

1. Become an Affiliate – NEW USERS

Simply register yourself as an affiliate. All you need to do this is an email address. If you are already a member you will see that the button will display “customize your affiliate link”, otherwise you will see “become an affiliate today”.

Paxful widget - affiliate program

2. Enter Your Details

For new users, once you click on the button, you will be pushed down to the lower part of the page.

Paxful widget - enter details

Here you simply enter an email address that you would like to use for the affiliate program and the website, followed by:

  • the required details.
  • such as a unique username and affiliate name.
  • a unique password for the site.

Note: Please ensure that you select a unique password that has not been used on other websites. We cannot guarantee your security in the case that your password has been ceased on other websites. We recommend this for your own security.
For more security tips please check the: Security Guideline Best Practices.

If the page reloads to the same page where you started, it means that you have used an email address, username or affiliate name that has already been used. In this case, please scroll down to the field where you chose your details and see which caused the error. It will be displayed in red.

3. Your Account Has Been Created!

If all is successful, then you will be forwarded to the next step as shown below:

paxful account creation

Please click on the link “Affiliate Link” to proceed towards the next step. Customizing your affiliate link!

4. Customize Your Affiliate Link

Existing members can simply go to “customize your affiliate link”. New users will also see the following screen after following the link above. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the customize dashboard. Here you have all the necessary tools to create a unique link!

paxful buy/sell dashboard

A few things to note:

  • Your affiliate link: This is unique for your user. You will notice that the URL provided contains the same affiliate ID that has been listed in the field below it. This is to ensure that any hits that come through are automatically matched to your account so that you will reap the benefits without any doubts!
  • Below the affiliate link, you will see some social media links. This is made to help you share the URL in an easy manner without you needing to worry about how to post the link on social media platforms.

An example of sharing the link via Facebook:

Paxful affiliate link on FB


Download Banner Pack (for websites and other places that allow animated GIF files – it contains various sizes and both vertical and horizontal format):

Download banner pack

An example of a banner:

Example of Paxful banner

Embed Code:

Embed code

An example of embed code when used on WordPress:

Embed code

This allows you to have your own kiosk directly through your website or other places where the link is placed! People can easily go through the steps and select:

  • The amount of Bitcoin they want.
  • How they would like to pay for it.
  • The offer based on over 400,000 active members who are looking to sell. They are selected based on their reputation and success rate. Ensuring that you provide a smooth transaction to those wishing to purchase through your kiosk. Once confirmed, they will then be pushed to the site to finalize the purchase! It is that simple!

5. Share the link and Drive Traffic!

socual buttons

If you did not use the share functions and/or embed method above, you can use the buttons here to share your custom kiosk affiliate widget link via social media channels or via email. If you require more information about customizing or sharing links, please our Developer Documentation.

6. Your Own Affiliate Dashboard

You can access this via the menu link at the top or by pressing the second option on the frame shown above. This is where you can see the totals of all your referrals and purchases made via your widget and personal Bitcoin Kiosk!

Affiliate dashboard

7. Cash Out Your Earning!

You can easily cash out your earning by accessing your wallet, or by selecting the third option in the share the link frame. This will take you to the following screen:

Cash out


You can also use the same page to generate a new address or copy an existing one which can then be used to receive bitcoins to make purchases yourself or even as a bitcoin wallet!

That is all! If you have any further questions or inquiries please contact us via Social media links listed at the top and bottom of our website. We also have a chat function on the site that you can use for a quick response. This can be found on our website!