The Paxful Affiliate Program is one of the best Bitcoin affiliate programs in the digital currency space. Our two-tier structure allows you to make a profit not only from your affiliates but also from the affiliates of your affiliates. This exponentially increases your earning potential and helps you make a lucrative passive income.

It is extremely easy to become an affiliate. As a matter of fact, every customer is sent an affiliate link by default as soon as their account is created.

Once you’re logged in, hover over the Dashboard dropdown and click on “Affiliate Dashboard.” Doing so will direct you to your very own Affiliate Program dashboard.

There, you’ll find your personalized affiliate link and QR code, both of which can be shared with anyone.

You can also add a tracking ID to your link if you’d like to track where your affiliates are coming from. This will help you concentrate on the channel that brings you higher volumes of conversions.

Our Affiliate Program works on two levels. We introduced a two-tier affiliate program not only to increase the commission rate but also to expand the scope beyond just the people who sign up using your affiliate link and give you the opportunity to make a profit from multiple people at the same time.

Here is a breakdown of what these “tiered” affiliates are:

Tier 1 affiliates: These are accounts that sign up from your unique affiliate link. You’ll get 50% of the escrow fee for every successful transaction made by your affiliate. This offer is good for life!

Tier 2 affiliates: These are the accounts that sign up from the affiliate links of your Tier 1 affiliates. You’ll receive 10% of the escrow fee from every completed transaction for life.

You can transfer all the funds in your wallet as soon as your affiliate income is over $10 in BTC. So what are you waiting for? Just share your personalized affiliate link and make ₿₿₿ even while you sleep!