Earlier this year, we introduced a new and improved Affiliate Program. We can never reiterate too often that it’s one of the most profitable programs in the crypto world, in addition to being an easy way to make some bitcoin on the side. I guess you can say it’s our pride and joy!

Most of you have mastered the art of building a network and making money at the same time, but for those of you interested in the mechanics of it all, we wanted to go over how affiliate earnings are automatically calculated on our platform. Keep in mind that the amount you see in your preferred currency will always vary based on bitcoin price fluctuations.

Paxful calculates affiliate earnings based on the escrow fee. As you’re aware, our standard escrow fee is 1%. That means you receive 50% of that fee whenever your tier 1 affiliates successfully complete a buy transaction and 10% for tier 2 affiliates.

There are certain payment methods, however, that incur less than our standard rate. Bank transfers, for example, are currently priced at just 0.1%. For bank transfers and all others with fees under the usual 1%, your affiliate earnings will be calculated accordingly. Gift cards, on the other hand, have a 2% escrow fee, with iTunes and Google Play gift cards a bit higher at 5%. For gift cards, your affiliate earnings will be calculated at 1%.

But what happens when two of your tier 1 affiliates make a trade? For starters, you should be proud that you’ve built and grown such an active network. That’s amazing! If two people from within your troupe of affiliates complete a successful buy transaction, the 50% you would normally make is split, which means you’ll make 25% of the escrow fee. The same goes for when two of your tier 2 affiliates make a trade—you’ll earn a cool 5%.

Making money is serious work but we make it easy with the Paxful Affiliate Program. It’s a great way to earn extra bitcoin on the side while also building relationships. If you need a refresher on how everything works, you can check out this helpful video on the ins and outs of the program. You can also share helpful links and useful content to your affiliate network to help educate them on how to buy and sell bitcoin. For more on the Affiliate Program and our other awesome features, be sure to follow us on social media. Happy earning!