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Hold Onto Those iTunes Gift Cards

Recently, iTunes gift card disputes have been piling up and it’s because people aren’t providing proper evidence for the dispute. There is no way for our moderators to check if an iTunes gift card code is good before it is redeemed. This is why moderators need as much evidence as you can possibly provide.

Is there a workaround?

We highly encourage our users to be extra careful when using it as a payment method. If you encounter any type of fraud while trading iTunes gift cards, file a claim and make sure you have enough evidence to support your claim.

When trading iTunes gift cards, make sure you have the receipt from the store you purchased the card. A lot of these disputes are coming up because people are buying these gift card codes through online brokering, which is strictly against Paxful’s Terms of Service.

Examples of good evidence include screenshots or photos of the gift card and receipt (assuming that you bought the gift card with cash). You can also contact Apple support for the email (or Apple ID) that redeemed the gift card you were trying to trade and make sure you record the conversation. If it matches up with the vendor’s email, it would provide solid evidence against the vendor in a dispute.

Providing enough evidence against a ripper/scammer will help moderators solve disputes faster.

What now?

For now, we advise you to be wary when trading iTunes gift cards. We suggest trying out other payment methods. For example, there are tons of other gift cards you can choose from such as Amazon, Walmart, Steam, Google Play, and many more.

You can also avail of the promo on buying bitcoins with bank transfers. Until the end of the year, there will be no escrow fee on transactions made with bank transfers.

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