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The Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin has truly gone mainstream in the past few years. It’s broken into the masses. As fantastic as this is you’d expect it to be really easy to get your hands on some bitcoins, right? Not quite. The more popular this awesome crypto becomes the harder it seems for a first time user to get their hands on bitcoin.

How to buy bitcoin if you’re in a hurry?

The largest and most popular places to buy bitcoins are exchanges. This is all good when you’ve set your account up, sent all the required documents and got verified already. Not so great when you need to buy bitcoin fast. Currently a lot of bitcoin exchanges are struggling to keep up with the huge demand and it might take days, even weeks to get your account verified. Even the biggest and most popular ones are taking the piss a bit with their verification timescales. Before you’ve done this, there is no way for you to buy bitcoin with a credit card or a bank transfer. Yes you can get bitcoins in exchange for other cryptos without verifying your identity but that’s not gonna help much if you haven’t got any.

As bitcoin’s price is very volatile, by the time that you’ve got your account verified and all ready to go, the price might already not be the one you were looking to buy at. What if you don’t want to buy using a credit card? What if you haven’t got one and have no way of obtaining it? How do you get bitcoin then? Yes you could meet up with someone and do it in cash but that could also be very risky.

The problem

buy bitcoin

If you’ve been asking the questions above, we know how you feel. Bitcoin was supposed to be instant, free, for everyone. It very much started out like this but somewhere along the way something changed. Bitcoin promised to be something liberating, a value shared between people. Yet the big guys have come in and regulated the whole thing again. The whole key idea of bitcoin is that you don’t need a central authority, yet the most common ways to get bitcoin still require a middleman. Here’s where Paxful comes to help. We keep your transactions safe by providing an escrow service. The funds are kept safe until the buyer and seller have completed the trade and released into the buyer’s wallet.


Paxful was born out of necessity. Two friends trying to buy and sell bitcoin online realised that there were all sorts of roadblocks. The deeper they looked into it they realized there was even a bigger problem for a vast amount of people. 2.5 billion people today have no access to financial services. Not because they choose to, they have restraints due to their credit ratings, their income or the part of the world they were born in.

The Paxful way

Everyone should have a way to pay. And we mean everyone. There are so many cool things you can do and buy on the internet, yet many people can only dream of this. That is just not right. Yes, it might be something that in the grand scheme of things that may seem unimportant, like wanting that iPhone. It may also be something a lot more deep that can save lives, for example sending money to relatives at an area of conflict.

Bitcoin allows us to do this, and there should be no restrictions of entry as far as we are concerned. Paxful was created for people. Different people from all over the world with different stories and situations can meet and exchange values with one another.You may quickly need bitcoin to pay for the things your bank won’t let you (we don’t mean drugs). In Nigeria for example people are limited to spending a small amount per month by their banks. No authority should have the right to restrict people from using their hard earned money.

Or you may just want to make some use of the gift cards you’ve got from someone that are now gathering dust in your drawer (sorry, grandma). Almost any payment option you can think of is available to convert to bitcoin on Paxful and vice versa. Whether you’re looking to sell some, even make a career out of it. Or if you’re looking to purchase bitcoins instantly without having to wait for weeks for getting verified on an exchange – we’re here for you.


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