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Bitcoin once worth more than 2200 USD. What can you spend it on?


Market prices of the world’s leading cryptocurrency have exceeded the 2200 USD mark. The question arises whether this rapid continuous appreciation of value is accompanied by increasing spectrum of goods / services that can be purchased with BTC? Here comes the list of a few interesting places where you can spend your BTC.


  1. For the ones that have a lot of coins… – BitPremier


BitPremier is positioned as a luxury Bitcoin-only marketplace. The offer ranges from high-performance sports cars to art and even real estate. Lamborghini Huracan is waiting if you have a 6-digit sum of BTC in your wallet.


  1. Pizza… not just a bit yummy… – Pizza for Coins


PizzaForCoins enables ordering your favorite food from any nearby Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa Johns and paying with BTC. Quick and convenient. Give it a try: pizzaforcoins.com


  1. Meteors and fossils rock! – Geo Rarities


Geo Rarities is owned by artists and collectors of rare and beautiful one of a kind natural and geologic items. You can buy many natural geologic items transformed into designer items such as petrified wood side tables, coffee tables and sculptural art. A 15 lb meteorite is there too!



  1. Add some thrill to watching sports – OneHash – bitcoin betting


Are you looking for a way to spend your BTC and boost adrenaline while sports watching? You should also check OneHash which is the fastest growing bitcoin-only mutual betting website. It’s available worldwide and includes not only sports but also special events like elections, Oscars and many other.


Ray is the CEO of Peer to Peer finance company Paxful, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a blockchain enthusiast. In addition to handling his company, he is also an avid reader and stays updated with market trends and emerging technology.

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